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Kristen Bell has acted in multiple films and shows audiences loved. She was in the hit series Veronica Mars and continues to maintain a positive relationship with fans. Besides being a teenage detective, Bell played a major role in The Good Place. The show featured themes like morality, and viewers got emotionally invested in the characters. When talking about her career, Bell explained how precious her time on the show was over the years. 

Kristen Bell as Eleanor on 'The Good Place'
Kristen Bell as Eleanor | Colleen Hayes/NBC/Getty Images

‘The Good Place’ is about the afterlife and morality

First premiering in 2016, The Good Place ran for four seasons on NBC. A couple of the cast members include Jameela Jamil and William Jackson Harper. The series reached critical acclaim and received a few awards. The story is about the afterlife, and humans get sent to either “the Good Place” or “the Bad Place.” To go to the Good Place, humans have to have a very high score based on their morality during life.

In the beginning, Eleanor and Jason get sent to an experimental Bad Place, thinking they were in paradise. The characters have their assigned soulmates, with Eleanor meeting Chidi. Demons appear in the show, and they deal out torture in the Bad Place. Michael is one of the demons and has been erasing the humans’ memories. 

In 2020, The Good Place came to an end, which many fans found emotional. Before becoming human, Michael designed a doorway for those in the Good Place to leave if they desire. The other characters decide to walk through the door when they feel it is time to go. 

Kristen Bell began her career in the early-2000s

Bell was born in Michigan in a suburb of Detroit. She attended a Catholic high school where she took part in the drama club. Bell landed a starring role in her school’s play and appeared in a few others. After graduation, the actor went to college in New York but dropped out to perform on Broadway. In 2001, Bell made her credited film debut in Pootie Tang. A couple of years later, she gained fame by playing the main character in Veronica Mars.

Other TV shows the actor was in include House of Lies and Parks and Recreation. Bell also portrayed Anna in the popular Disney film Frozen. The star got cast to play Eleanor in The Good Place. Bell received several nominations for her performance on the show. She earned about $125,000 per episode.  Over a decade ago, Bell began dating celebrity Dax Shepard. They got engaged in 2009 and tied the knot in 2013. Bell and Shepard have two daughters together. 

‘The Good Place’ gave Kristen Bell her happiest years


‘The Good Place’ Cast Kept Doing Their Very Last Scene Even After the Camera Stopped Filming

Many actors form bonds with fellow cast and crew members. They often talk about how they enjoyed their time on the set of a show or film. In a YouTube video by Vanity Fair, Bell discusses how being a part of The Good Place was the best time she had. 

Bell revealed that the creator of the series, Michael Schur, had contacted her about being a part of the project. The actor became excited since she got the opportunity to work with him. Not to mention, she had busy thinking about what it meant to be a good person. 

“So, it was just like all these stars aligning of me finally being able to work with Mike, getting the opportunity of my dreams, having it be the subject matter of my dreams, and living out the happiest four years of my life,” Bell explained. Working on The Good Place has been a dream for Bell. Hopefully, she will find another project that will give her plenty of excitement.