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With Tavi Gevinson’s Kate Keller playing Gossip Girl with her fellow prep school teachers, she’s focused on keeping her students in line. However, she’s learning she’s willing to make sacrifices to maintain the game. And that includes a (somewhat) innocent party. (Spoilers ahead of ‘Gossip Girl’ Episode 3: ‘Lies Wide Shut.’)

The ‘Gossip Girl’ teachers take down one of their own

(L-R): Kate Keller (Tavi Gevinson) and Jordan Glassberg (Adam Chanler-Berat) in 'Gossip Girl' Episode 3
(L-R): Kate Keller (Tavi Gevinson) and Jordan Glassberg (Adam Chanler-Berat) in ‘Gossip Girl’ Episode 3 | Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

Kate and the other teachers discover that not only is the administration aware of Gossip Girl, but they want to take her down. A parent brings in an intelligence agency to find the culprit, and students aren’t allowed to use their phones on campus anymore.

Both Kate and Jordan want to keep Gossip Girl going, but Reema isn’t so sure. After dinner with her and her husband, they come up with a way to save the account and their own jobs — by pinning it all on Reema. It looks like Gossip Girl’s unforgiving attitude isn’t as out of Kate’s wheelhouse as it seemed at first.

Julien and Max catch their dads in lies

Max Wolfe (Thomas Doherty) and Julien Calloway (Jordan Alexander) in 'Gossip Girl' Episode 3
Max Wolfe (Thomas Doherty) and Julien Calloway (Jordan Alexander) in ‘Gossip Girl’ Episode 3 | Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

Julien Calloway needs a new man at her side now that Obie’s moved on. But she needs a fresh start, first. Max takes her out on the town, where she discovers her dad is secretly dating someone. At the same time, Max learns his pop is on the dating app Scruff, potentially looking to cheat on his dad.

They both set up traps to take place on the opening night of a new play they’re all going to see. Max gets Aki to catfish his pop with a profile using Rafa’s photo, who also attends the show. Julien reveals to her dad she knows about his secret by inviting his girlfriend, Lola, to opening night.

In the end, everything works out for Julien. Davis is angry at her at first, but he realizes he’s been treating her like a child. And she wants to get to know the woman in his life. However, Max isn’t so lucky, His fathers find out what he did, and they split up. Max gets very high and goes to stay with Rafa.

Zoya, the new queen of Constance?

(L-R): Whitney Peak (Zoya Lott) and Zión Moreno (Luna La) in 'Gossip Girl' Episode 3
(L-R): Whitney Peak (Zoya Lott) and Zión Moreno (Luna La) in ‘Gossip Girl’ Episode 3 |

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Zoya’s become a laughing stock on social media. Obie tells her to ignore it. While he clicks with her dad and gets permission to take her on an actual date, she can’t stop obsessing. When she confronts Luna for sending the Twitterverse after her, the stylist proposes a makeover to elevate her status.

At the play, Zoya acts differently. Obie’s concerned, but she eventually lets down her guard. He tells her he likes her for who she is, and she encourages him to clear the air with Julien. But as Julien’s stock falls, Monet and Luna, trying desperately to maintain the status quo, plan another strike on Zoya.

Meanwhile, both Aki and Audrey are reeling from their encounters with Max. This escalates when Gossip Girl posts about an affair as a blind item, as both think it’s about them. Max eventually spills their secrets to the other. Both decide to try and salvage their relationship, despite everything that’s happened.