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There were so many tear-jerking moments during the 350th episode of Grey’s Anatomy on November 14. However, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and DeLuca’s (Giacomo Gianniotti) break up did not have anyone reaching for the tissues.

Viewers let out their true feelings regarding ‘Merluca’ for days after the on-screen relationship ended. Let’s take a look at the three reasons why fans admitted they hated the relationship between Meredith and DeLuca.

Giacomo Gianniotti and Ellen Pompeo
Giacomo Gianniotti and Ellen Pompeo | Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

No one will ever be able to replace ‘McDreamy’ for Meredith or the fans

When Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) died in season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy, fans were heartbroken. They ugly cried for days after the show aired, and some even stopped watching the show altogether. It’s not shocking to find that fans will never be happy with anyone Meredith is dating. It also seems like Meredith will never move on, although she may try.

“They weren’t right from the start,” wrote one fan on Reddit, referring to Meredith and DeLuca. “I personally believe that no one can replace Derek in her eyes.”

“Wow. Deluca,” commented another fan. “You broke up with Meredith because she doesn’t hold you in the same regard as Derek.”

Just like fans cannot get over the loss of Derek, Meredith is not over him, either. She might never be over him, and anyone she dates will have to come to terms with that.

“DeLuca shouldn’t feel salty about Meredith respecting Derek,” added another Redditor, “and having those strong feelings because that was her husband. And she didn’t divorce him or leave him; he died when they were still in love.”

“I miss Mer being with Derek,” one fan summed up what most viewers are feeling. “Honestly, no couple can compare. The show just gets automatically better whenever Mer talks about Derek or someone else talks about their relationship.”

DeLuca was more invested in the relationship than Meredith ever was

When MerLuca first hooked up in an elevator, it was exciting. However, as the relationship between DeLuca and Meredith continued, fans grew bored with it.

“I liked them at first,” wrote one Reddit user, “but they took this weird turn where it seems like Meredith isn’t interested, and he’s just groveling all the time.”

“So yeah, DeLuca should walk away,” another fan agreed, “because he really is more invested than she is. This was never a be all end all relationship. DeLuca was always gonna be just a fun boyfriend.”

“He was trying way too hard to win her affection,” added another Redditor, “and she didn’t seem to return her feelings on the same level as him.”

It was evident to fans that Meredith was having a good time with DeLuca, but didn’t consider it a serious relationship. Fans agree that they are better off apart.

DeLuca is young and immature

While some viewers sympathize with DeLuca because Meredith did not treat him as an equal, others believe it is because of the way he acts. The surgeon is ten years younger than Meredith and still has a lot to learn about relationships.

“Deluca does nothing but sulk and whine,” complained one fan, “about how no one treats him like a grown-up. Catarina. Meredith. The other residents. Of course, Meredith doesn’t have any respect for him; he has none for himself.”

“I genuinely hope they stay apart,” wrote another fan, “because he will never be a good partner. Not when he has to list all [of] his good partner deeds and has no respect for himself.”

“I never liked Deluca and Meredith together,” concluded one Redditor. “I think this could be a good thing.”

Fans are all in agreement on the ‘Merluca’ relationship. They are happy it ended because they never liked the pair together anyway. No one will ever replace Derek, particularly not DeLuca. Meredith was not invested in their relationship, and he is too young and immature for her, anyway. Now fans are hoping that these two do not get back together when Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC after fall break on January 14, 2020.