‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Actor Jessica Capshaw Also Appeared in ‘Bones’

Grey’s Anatomy will soon start its newest season, and fans eagerly wait to see the characters return. Several of them have come and gone over the years, and one of them is Arizona Robbins.  

Jessica Capshaw played the role, and she landed it after failing to get on the show twice. It has been a while since she left the medical drama, but many people still remember her. Some of them even noticed her minor appearance in Bones

Jessica Capshaw’s role in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

JESSICA CAPSHAW | Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Capshaw played Arizona Robbins in Grey’s Anatomy, and Arizona first appears in season 5. She is an attending surgeon and became the new chief of pediatric surgery. Arizona was going to be a minor character, but she ended up being a series regular in the sixth season. 

People describe Arizona as perky and can identify her by her wheely sneakers and pink scrub cap. The character began a romance with orthopedic resident Callie Torres, and viewers noted the chemistry between the two. Eventually, they get married after Callie gives birth prematurely. 

At the end of season 8, a plane crash severely injures Arizona along with other characters. The accident resulted in a loss of a limb, and she struggles with the aftermath. Toward the end of Arizona’s storyline, she fought for custody of her daughter. Fans last see her move to New York to be closer to her ex and child. 

Capshaw would not return to the show after season 14. The showrunner had let her go due to a change in the creative direction. Still, the actor could make a guest appearance in the future. 

Jessica Capshaw also appeared in ‘Bones’

As it turns out, Grey’s Anatomy is not the only popular show that Capshaw was in. Fans may be able to spot her in other works by chance. On Reddit, a fan pointed out that the actor also played a minor character in Bones

“I’m rewatching the show Bones and realized that Rebecca ( the mother of booth’s first son ) is played by the same actor as Arizona! It was so weird seeing her in another show I love,” user 0_Shinigami_0 wrote. 

Capshaw played a woman named Rebecca Stinson, and Rebecca is Boothe’s ex-girlfriend. Viewers only see Rebecca in two episodes of the show, and the character is the mother of his first child. Booth proposes to her when she becomes pregnant, but she rejects him. 

The two have a son named Parker Matthew Booth. Rebecca and Booth occasionally have liaisons, but Booth eventually puts an end to them. Still, the two of them remain good friends, and Rebecca assures him that he is a good father. 

What has Jessica Capshaw been up to?

Since she left Grey’s Anatomy, Capshaw has appeared as a guest in talk shows like The Drew Barrymore Show. Also, she has worked on a couple of movies. In 2020, she starred in a Netflix holiday film called Holidate.  

The rom-com is about two characters who agree to be each other’s date for the holidays to satisfy family members. People also can find Capshaw acting in Dear Zoe. The movie is coming out soon, and the actor will play Elly Gladstone. 

Capshaw reunited with the Grey’s Anatomy cast in the YouTube series Stars in the House. The event was raising money for The Actors Fund. Fans of the show were excited to see Capshaw talk with her former cast members again. 

When Capshaw is not acting, she is raising her children. She has four of them to keep her busy at home.

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