‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Station 19’: This 1 Character Wasn’t Believable Until Fans Discovered This Person in Real Life

ABC’s long-running medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy, and spinoff, Station 19, often portray unbelievable events and personas. While fans love the drama, some criticize if certain things would happen in real life to some of the characters. How many times can Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) almost die, anyway?

'Station 19' Kevin McKidd and Jason George
‘Station 19’ Kevin McKidd and Jason George | Christopher Willard via Getty Images

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans find Ben Warren’s career choices unbelievable 

Many catastrophic events happen on Grey’s Anatomy through the years that fans have a hard time believing. However, one thing that bothers some fans is Ben Warren’s (Jason Winston George) career choices.

“No anesthesiologist would leave to become a surgical resident,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “And then let’s assume that DOES happen, then leaving medicine to become a paramedic/firefighter? It’s like, ok, at this point, Miranda is just letting you live out your macho fantasies so you’ll stay out of her hair. This has always bothered me as someone who works in the medical field.”

Ben joined Grey’s Anatomy in season 6 as an anesthesiologist. However, he realized that he wanted to pursue a career in surgery after working alongside surgeons for so long. Then he switched his life plan yet again when he became a firefighter. Some fans find it difficult to believe that someone would change careers so many times.

A San Francisco Bay Area surgeon made the news for battling wildfires

A news article that popped up in September 2020 prompted fans to discuss Ben Warren’s career choices. Dr. Jim Betts from the San Francisco Bay Area of California is both a real-life pediatric surgeon and a firefighter. He goes above and beyond in both of his careers, and his story sounds a little bit like that of Warren’s from Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19.

According to ABC News, in 1989, Betts helped rescue survivors from the collapsed Cypress Structure in Oakland hours after the Loma Prieta earthquake. He told the outlet that he had to amputate a young boy’s leg to save his life during the rescue efforts.

When he’s not working as a surgeon at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland, he is an EMT volunteer firefighter. Recently he made the news while serving on the front lines, battling California’s wildfires. 

‘Grey’s Anatomy’s and ‘Station 19’s Ben Warren might be more believable now 

After reading the article about the surgeon/EMT/firefighter from San Francisco, it looks like Ben’s character was written after a real-life person.


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“I think most firefighters have at least their EMT if not paramedic,” another fan added.

Fans were bothered by how Ben rescues someone as a firefighter and then continues onward with the patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. While the article doesn’t say if that indeed happens in real life, it at least seems a bit more believable now.

Ben Warren joins Station 19 on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. He also appears in Grey’s Anatomy in the following time slot, at 9 p.m. EST.