‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Arizona Was a Great Doctor But a Terrible Partner

Grey’s Anatomy is undoubtedly one of the best nighttime shows to have ever aired. In all its 16 seasons, the showrunners have managed to keep audiences tuning in to find out what their favorite on-screen resident doctors have been up to.

The series has had its high and low moments, fan-favorite characters, and those that the fans couldn’t stand. Such a character is the attending surgeon Dr. Arizona Robbins.

Arizona’s character has been a confusing one, and fans are now speculating that Arizona, although an excellent doctor, was one of Grey’s Anatomy’s worst partners.

What is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ all about

JESSICA CAPSHAW, STEFANIA SPAMPINATO | Mitch Haaseth/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama TV series that follows a couple of doctors in the fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital trying to balance their challenging work life and personal affairs.

Although the series shows different doctors and their relationships in and outside of work, it primarily focuses on Meredith Grey’s life.

Each season of the show starts with a voiceover done by Grey, who gives viewers a glimpse of what that season will cover. In each installment, the physicians try to complete their various academic years to qualify for higher surgical field levels.

At the end of every season on the show, something huge and dramatic always happens, including the departure or death of one of the physicians. Grey’s Anatomy sometimes sets aside medical ethical concerns for character development.

Some of the show’s favorite characters include Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Max Sloan, Arizona Robbins, and her partner Callie Torres.

Who is Arizona Robbins?

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Arizona Robbins is a character on the cult medical show Grey’s Anatomy. Arizona was introduced to fans in season five of the show as the new head of pediatric surgery. As a pediatrician, Arizona’s personality is usually described as quirky, especially in how she dresses.

She wears wheely sneakers and a pink scrub cap to make her younger patients feel more at ease. Arizona was first added to the show to play Erica Hahn’s love interest. However, the show’s writer and executive producer Shonda Rhimes felt that there wasn’t any chemistry between the two characters. Thus came in Callie Torres.

Rhimes said that her decision to cast Jessica Capshaw to play Arizona was a massive achievement for her.

Arizona’s storyline follows that she joins the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as a replacement for Dr. Jordan Kenley. Here she meets the five-year resident Callie Torres and they fall in love. After Torres’ father refuses to accept his daughter’s sexuality, Arizona helps him see that Callie’s sexuality is a big part of who she is.

Throughout the show, Arizona is shown to share a loving yet tumultuous relationship with her partner Torres. Although Arizona is displayed as an experienced doctor who is good with her patients, fans can’t help but feel like she is an awful person in general.

Why fans think Arizona was a terrible partner

As revealed above, Arizona and Torres didn’t have a perfect relationship. The two have had one too many fights in the past.

According to a Reddit thread, Arizona wasn’t an excellent partner to Torres. The post went into detail about how the head of pediatrics was a nasty partner, including having cheated on Torres repeatedly and always being manipulative,

The thread continued to state that Arizona abandoned Callie at the airport and afterward demanded that Torres take her back without addressing it. When Arizona got involved in a plane crash, the doctors had to cut off her leg to save her.

After her recovery, she became mean and angry at Torres, not knowing that the latter had to make the tough call to cut off the former’s leg to save her life.