‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Bailey And Ben’s Story Line Just Got More Heart-Wrenching Than We Can Handle

Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 collided in an epic two-hour event. The crossover event was everything we expected and more. However, viewers are more worried about Ben Warren (Jason George) and Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) than ever before. Let’s take a look at what happened.

[Warning: Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 and Station 19 Season 3 spoilers ahead]

Chandra Wilson and Jason George
Chandra Wilson and Jason George | Mitch Haaseth via Getty Images

The ‘Station 19’ surprise party brought fans to tears

While Ben and Chief Herrera (Miguel Sandoval) took over the rescue at Joe’s Bar, we got a flashback to two weeks prior. The entire station set up a surprise party for Ben—which ends up being a baby shower for Ben and Bailey. Except in the present-day, they recently had a miscarriage.

As if that reveal wasn’t hard enough for viewers, the shower put the wrench in our hearts and then turned it.

“They did this thing where they were all wishing happy things for Bailey and Ben’s baby,” wrote one Reddit user. “It was a really sweet, beautiful scene.”

Station 19
Chandra Wilson, Jason George, and the rest of Station 19 | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Warren’s fire station friends go around, taking turns wishing the baby love, happiness, and smiles. Someone suggests that the baby is a girl, and Miranda melts right along with the viewers at home.

“They are really digging in this miscarriage pain for all of us and Miranda,” added another Redditor.

Ben and Miranda share a sweet moment on top of a fire truck

Later on, we get another flashback of the couple laying on the top of a fire truck talking about their future baby.

“I see why you like this place so much,” Bailey tells Ben. “Do you think Dean was right? Do you think its a girl?”

Ben responds that he also thinks the baby is a girl.

“I always wanted a girl,” Miranda tells him. “I like it up here. I feel safe up here (on the fire truck). I like knowing there are heroes out there. I like knowing the heroes personally.”

The way this episode is going to great lengths to show us how much they cared for the baby before it was born is genuinely heart-wrenching. Although, it also brings to light that no matter how common miscarriages are, they are still tragic.

As Bailey turns a corner, viewers start worrying about Ben

Bailey has a breakdown at the end of the episode, standing in the middle of the operating room.

“Everyone. Everyone. Everyone I touched today, everyone I held in my hands or gave to another surgeon to put back together again is fine,” Bailey cries. “I lose you and Grey, Hunt, Karev, but I made that fine. I made that work. But this, this, this, I, I am not fine. “

“She isn’t fine,” the doctor continues talking about her baby. “And I can’t even hold her in my hands or put her in someone else’s hands who can put her back together again. She just was, and now she isn’t, and I can’t do anything but stand here, stand here and lose her.”

Weber hugs her tightly as she sobs, along with viewers at home. However, things start looking up for Bailey when Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) brings her donuts and comforts her.

“I had a miscarriage once,” Meredith tells Bailey. “I never felt so lonely. If you break, it’s okay to let your friends put you back together.”

The show ends on a positive note for Bailey; however, the previews for next week’s episode of Station 19 show Ben running back into a burning building after his chief told him to get out.

“Sometimes being a hero means breaking the rules,” the voiceover says. “Next Thursday, sparks will fly.”

After losing her baby, almost losing her interns, and her husband, we’re not sure Bailey can handle much more. It looks like Ben is in danger once again. We will have to tune in next week to watch Station 19 again at 8 p.m. to see what happens to Ben. Then at 9 p.m., Grey’s Anatomy will reveal whether or not Bailey has a mental health breakdown.

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