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Even though the coronavirus pandemic is very much still in full swing, some things are coming back. For example, some shows have resumed filming

One of these shows is Grey’s Anatomy, and that’s a good thing. Fans need new episodes of Grey’s to get them through these trying times. Plus, the global pandemic has provided a lot of inspiration for the writers behind the show. The cast is back at work, and posting pictures wearing masks, and socially distancing from their fellow stars.

A recent behind the scenes photo of Alex Landi and Jake Borelli on set has fans fuming. It’s not over their safety precautions, however. 

Fans are upset that Nico will be back on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 

Landi and Borelli are appropriately spaced out and wearing masks for the photo. But that doesn’t mean that Nico and Levi will be keeping their distance in the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy season.

Fans on Reddit though that Landi’s presence on set was a sure sign that Levi and Nico would be getting back together. A lot of fans were upset at the prospect

Nico left Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in season 16. He took a job with the Seattle Mariners. Many viewers hoped that Nico’s departure would be permanent. Others speculate that the new COVID-related episodes have given the writers a reason to bring the character back.

As one fan wrote: “Since they are working the COVID storyline in that will likely affect it since he was leaving to go to a sports team.”

Most fans don’t like the way Nico treated Levi 

ALEX LANDI, JAKE BORELLI | Mitch Haaseth via Getty Images

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Fans were really riled up over the picture of Landi and Borelli.  Most of them were worried that Nico would return and mistreat Levi, the budding doctor and fan favorite. Fans hate Nico and Levi together, and were happy to see Nico go.

According to one fan: “this picture actually made me mad; i was so hopeful he would go away.” 

Other fans don’t hate Nico specifically, but don’t think he’s a good fit for Levi. Fans commented things like “Levi deserves so much better than Nico,” and “i just hope levi realizes that he deserves someone better.”

Still others just downright hate Nico for his boring personality. Another redditor wrote “Ugh Nico – no personality or character.” The hate for Nico on reddit is real. One fan went so far as to write “they should give nico covid… just saying.”

Fans agree Nico is terrible, but he’s still easy on the eyes

There is one good thing about Nico coming back. The actor who plays him, Landi, is quite good looking. Fans were able to see the silver lining in Nico’s return. Although none of them were happy to see Nico and Levi back together, they take solace in the fact that they’ll have someone pretty to look at, even if they won’t be enjoying the content.

One fan commented: “Nico was super hot when he was first introduced….. but I got over that real quick. I’m not the biggest fan of Nico.” Another wrote: “The only thing I actually like about Nico is his looks, and let’s be honest, he’s pretty hot.”

Fans who love Landi’s looks but hate Nico can catch the actor on one of his other shows listed on IMDb. He’s also on Netflix’s Insatiable

His career is just taking off, and the role of Nico is his first long-term run on television. When the second season of Insatiable drops, Landi will be in that too. His character plays a stripper, which is good news for fans who love Landi’s looks. They also may find his character more palatable.