‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Will the Blizzard Bring Meredith and McWidow Together?

The last Grey’s Anatomy episode of February 2020 could be an important one for Meredith Grey. She’s spending even more time with Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood), aka McWidow. Will “Snowblind” be the episode that finally establishes a romantic connection between them?

Meredith has a new potential love interest on ‘Grey’s Anatomy

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Just as fans were getting accustomed to MerLuca (the portmanteau for Meredith’s relationship with Andrew DeLuca, the chief resident at Grey Sloan), someone new walks in. In the mid-season finale, Meredith returns to the hospital, not long after her breakup with DeLuca. She then begins working with Hayes, who has taken over Alex Karev‘s position as head of pediatrics.

The two spend a day working together, though they clash at first. Throughout all of this, Meredith has been texting with her best friend, Cristina Yang, who has been living in and working in Europe for years. She tells Meredith she has sent her “a package” to cheer her up after her split. As it turns out, Hayes is the package.

The two doctors have a lot in common

Even though they don’t get along at first, Meredith soon learns that she and the new doctor have a lot in common. While working together, he confesses that he, too, is a single parent. His wife passed away from cancer two years ago. In another episode, we meet his two teenage sons.

Though Meredith isn’t necessarily drawn to him in a romantic way just yet, it’s easy to see how the writers are laying the groundwork. Her issues with DeLuca come back to how he doesn’t feel that he can measure up to her, as he is younger and less accomplished, and doesn’t understand what she’s been through. McWidow, on the other hand, is proving to be the opposite.

McWidow doesn’t like DeLuca

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Meredith and DeLuca have been able to mend fences over the past couple of weeks. In “Save the Last Dance for Me,” they’re shown having resumed the more “fun” aspects of their relationship, but they don’t establish what they are to one another. This all boiled over in last week’s episode, “A Diagnosis.”

Though Meredith is worried about him, DeLuca can’t stop obsessing over the case he’s been working on. He interrupts her conversation with Hayes, and speaks in Italian (something they do just to one another). As it turns out, Hayes also speaks Italian, and tells DeLuca to “Learn some d*** respect.” Later, DeLuca breaks up with Meredith again.

How will ‘Snowblind’ bring them together?

Richard Flood and Ellen Pompeo in 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 "Snowblind
Richard Flood and Ellen Pompeo in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16 “Snowblind” | Gilles Mingasson via Getty Images

This week’s episode is another Station 19 crossover event, “The Blizzard.” In the Grey’s Anatomy episode, titled “Snowblind,” Hayes has a young patient who is waiting on a liver. But the storm has caused roads to be shut down. So DeLuca volunteers to go out and get it on his own.

Last week’s episode was clearly a set-up for a Meredith-Hayes-DeLuca storyline. Will Meredith become more impressed with Hayes as they work together, or will his heroic act remind her of why she cares so much about DeLuca? We’ll find out on Feb. 27, 2020.