‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Camilla Luddington Described Her Scenes With Jesse Williams in the Season Opener As ‘So Much Fun’

Camilla Luddington of Grey’s Anatomy is planning on a different path for her character, Jo Wilson, in season 17. With her husband, Alex Karev, leaving her last season, Jo decided to seek some male companionship in the premiere episode with pal Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) to start getting over her ex. 

The British-born actress discussed the plot twist in a recent interview, apparently enjoying the turn her character’s relationship has taken with her co-star.

Camilla Luddington and Jesse Williams of 'Grey's Anatomy'
Camilla Luddington and Jesse Williams of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Gilles Mingasson/ABC via Getty Images

Jo asked Jackson for a … favor

In the season 17 opener, Jo appeals to Jackson for somewhat of a rebound hookup as a way to help her get over Alex. Jackson was happy to oblige and provided a romantic atmosphere for their tryst, only to have Jo break down in tears when things started getting physical.

The pals decided Jo wasn’t ready to take the intimate step she planned on and decided to keep things platonic. Luddington felt Jo’s initial intentions for healing were a step in the right direction.

“I definitely think that’s happened where you’re like, ‘You know what, I just need a new guy, and it’s gonna help me move forward a little,'” Luddington told Cosmopolitan of the storyline. “She just didn’t realize she wasn’t ready for it yet. But I also felt like Jackson was very sweet when she had her snotty breakdown.”

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Camilla Luddington calls the incident ‘funny’ and ‘depressing’

Luddington and Williams evidently welcomed the plot twist, where they have been requesting a storyline between Jo and Jackson.

“Jesse and I have a lot of fun together in real life, and for so many seasons, we’ve been asking to have scenes together,” Luddington revealed. “That scene was actually shot last season. We didn’t know that was coming until [showrunner] Krista [Vernoff] was like, ‘So, you guys are going to hook up. It’s gonna be really funny hook up.’ Those characters haven’t really interacted a lot, either.”

The British actor saw the interlude between the two colleagues as a mixed bag, but gave kudos to Jo for taking control of her own destiny.

“I loved it because I felt like, first off, it’s really funny, even though it’s kind of depressing, too,” Luddington explained. “But I do love that Jo is advocating for herself and kind of just going for it. I think it takes a lot of strength to just go in and say to someone what you need and want and put yourself out there. And we had so much fun filming it.”

What’s ahead for Jo and Jackson?

As for what the rest of season 17 holds for the two Grey Sloan docs, Luddington kept their future vague.

“What I’ll share is that I think it’s at least the seed of a friendship,” she told Cosmopolitan. “I think that they’ve shared something intimate, even though it didn’t go very far. I think they were both very vulnerable in that moment.”

While there may be potential for a romance between Jo and Jackson, Luddington is hoping her character enjoys being on her own for the time being.

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“I want her to have her single girl season,” the Grey’s Anatomy star said of Jo. “Personally, I don’t think her jumping into a long term relationship is the right thing for her right now. I think you always need that time after a huge breakup like that to kind of sit back and breathe. I would like Jo to play the field, that’s what I would like.”

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursday nights.