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It’s the most wonderful time of the year — but not if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan. The ABC medical drama typically doesn’t air in December, leaving fans with a month-plus sans their favorite series. Though this isn’t the case in 2020, there will still be a couple of weeks without new episodes. Why not watch an old, Christmas-themed one instead?

‘Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer’ (Season 2)

Katherine Heigl as Izzie Stevens in 'Grey's Anatomy'
Katherine Heigl as Izzie Stevens in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Izzie has a tough time after Alex cheated on her and decorates excessively for Christmas. But, at Meredith’s behest, she and the other interns spend the day helping Alex prepare to retake his boards. This is when Katherine Heigl yells one of Izzie’s best lines on the show: “Because it’s what Jesus would freaking do!”

Other storylines include Burke and Cristina struggling to understand one another and their differences, a Grinch metaphor involving a boy who needs a heart transplant, and George standing up to a patient’s obnoxious family. It ends with Derek telling Addison that Meredith wasn’t just a fling: He was in love with her.

‘Holidaze’ (Season 6)

'Grey's Anatomy'
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Danny Feld/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

As insinuated by its title, this episode encompasses the holiday season, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. Bailey struggles to open up about her divorce to her father, and when she does, he isn’t happy. And the Cristina-Teddy-Owen love triangle experiences fluxations but ends in Cristina’s favor.

Arguably the most heart-wrenching storyline revolves around Richard. After Meredith sees him drinking, he buys her silence by becoming her mentor. She makes excuses for him to everyone, even her dad, Thatcher, until she can’t anymore. Much of the humor comes from Mark’s teenage daughter’s arrival, though even this ends with a bomb dropping.

‘Adrift and at Peace’ (Season 7)

Chyler Leigh as Lexie Grey and Eric Dane as Mark Sloan in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Adam Taylor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

This episode falls in the Christmas-adjacent category. Residents Lexie, Jackson, and April compete for a surgery, which leads to a nurse asking Bailey out. Mark vies for Lexie’s affection, and they get back together. Teddy meets Henry, a patient without insurance, and offers to marry him so he can use her benefits.

After quitting episodes ago, Cristina accompanies Derek on a fishing trip, where she learns to let go of control and have patience with herself. Owen and Meredith clash over Cristina. And Arizona arrives home, apologizing to Callie, who shuts the door in her face. There are decorations and songs throughout, but it’s more about lessons than Christmas.

‘Run, Baby, Run’ (Season 9)

Bianca Taylor, Kelli Kirkland, and Chandra Wilson (as Miranda Bailey) in 'Greys' Anatomy'
Bianca Taylor, Kelli Kirkland, and Chandra Wilson (as Miranda Bailey) in ‘Greys’ Anatomy’ | Ron Tom/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

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Bailey gave into Ben’s Christmas wedding, but everything that can go wrong does. Jackson and Alex double date with interns Stephanie and Jo, and both pairs grow closer than they expected. Derek’s sister, Lizzy, gives him nerves for his hand, and she and Meredith eventually bond when the latter reveals she’s pregnant.

Meanwhile, Owen files for divorce, and Cristina learns he’s taking legal steps because of the plane crash, which he feels responsible for. Callie grows tired of Arizona making everything about her leg, and the two reconcile in a significant way. And Bailey doesn’t make it to her wedding because Adele needs emergency surgery.