‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Cristina Not Realizing Mark Was Hitting On Her Has Fans Saying ‘Same’

Mark Sloan is known for flirting with almost everything that moves. When he joined the residents at Grey Sloan in Season 2, fans immediately hated him. He was introduced as Derek’s childhood friend whom he parted ways with after Derek learned that he’d slept with his ex-wife Addison Montgomery

While they eventually patched things up, Mark remained the resident home wrecker that many fans loved to hate. Some fans recently recalled a conversation between him and Cristina where he tells her that he’s been trying to flirt with her all day.

Cristina is seemingly surprised by the fact. The scene now has fans feeling the same way as they also didn’t realize that Mark was laying his moves on her.

Fans hated Mark when he first arrived at Seattle Grace

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When Mark arrived in Seattle Grace Hospital, fans noticed how chauvinistic and flirty he was. He began flirting with Meredith immediately, a move that earned him a punch from Derek.

Derek also explained to Meredith that Mark was why he and his ex-wife were no longer together. Mark eventually tried convincing Addison to return to New York with him, but she turned him down.

As he tried to mend things with Derek, fans learnt that he’d also slept with Derek’s sisters. He also sees how much Derek adores Meredith and tells Addison that she doesn’t stand a chance against her. After Meredith almost dies from drowning, Mark and Derek reconcile.

Mark then begins sleeping with various nurses and surgeons at the hospital. He eventually falls for Lexie Grey despite Derek’s disapproval. When he tells Derek that he’d slept with Lexie countless times before, Derek gets angry, and they fall out again. Eventually, Mark and Lexie move in together.

Mark once flirted with Cristina who was unaware of it

At Seattle Grace, Mark had earned a reputation for flirting and sleeping with everything that moved, something which he had no issue with. In the seventh episode of the fifth season called Rise Up, Mark tries to get Cristina to notice him.

Derek asked him to sleep with her since she’d been keeping Meredith up all night. Mark turns down his request saying that Cristina wasn’t his type, but Derek says that she should be. Mark says that Cristina is a single malt scotch, and he drinks beer.

Derek then tells Mark that he’s right to think that he doesn’t stand a chance with Cristina. Therefore, Mark decides to try pursuing her. In the ER, Cristina pages Mark wanting him to look at her patient. He tries to flirt with her, but she is oblivious to it. 

Cristina later gets paged when talking to Meredith, but Mark stands in her way and tries to flirt with her some more. She’s too occupied to notice, and Mark silently says to himself that the situation has never happened to him before.

Mark then finds her and asks her what her problem is. He tells her that women usually come for more enhancements to flirt with him while Cristina hasn’t noticed him trying to flirt with her. He tells her that he’s been hitting on her all day. Cristina finds her obliviousness funny and doesn’t stop laughing.

Fans on Reddit also can’t help but giggle at the memory. Some even found it relatable that Cristina didn’t realize someone was flirting with her, crying: “Same.”

Both Cristina and Mark are no longer at Grey Sloan Memorial

Sandra Oh
Sandra Oh | Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Although Mark wasn’t originally a fan favorite, he grew on fans as the show progressed. Viewers loved watching him mature from a chauvinist homewrecker to a loving and supportive partner to Lexie. 

In the episode Flight, the residents got into a car crash that killed both Mark and Lexie. Eric Dane, who played Mark, left the show saying that he thought it was time to leave to pursue other opportunities. 

Cristina left the hospital after her ex-fiancé Preston Burke invited her to his medical practice in Switzerland. Sandra Oh left Grey’s Anatomy in season 10 saying that she was done with the show creatively. She said that she had given the role her all and was done playing Cristina.