‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Cristina Sending Hayes to Meredith Makes No Sense

Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd were a perfect match. Fans watched them woo one another for years, and when they finally got together, it seemed like a happy ending.

But in season 11, their happily ever after was shattered. Derek was killed in a car crash. Meredith was devastated. But life must go on. Derek’s untimely demise left Meredith crushed, but she’s not totally against finding love again. It seems like Cormac Hayes will be Meredith’s latest love interest

Cormac Hayes did not make a great first impression on Meredith Grey 

RICHARD FLOOD | Gilles Mingasson/ABC via Getty Images

Starting a new job is never easy. Especially when young lives depend on your performance. That was the case for Cormac Hayes, who came to Grey Sloan as the head of Pediatric Surgery. In his first interaction with Meredith, he came into a patient’s room to find she had already begun rounding on the patient. Even though Meredith had already performed a physical exam, Hayes insisted on repeating it. All of this rubbed Meredith the wrong way, but Hayes was just trying to do right by his patient.

Shortly after, Meredith got a text from Cristina Yang. Cristina had previously worked with Cormac at another hospital, and told Meredith that she had ‘sent’ the surgeon to her. Meredith was still put off by her first interaction with Cormac, despite Cristina’s endorsement. 

When they next shared a patient, things didn’t start off much better. Meredith was cold towards Cormac, but he later apologized for their previous interaction. Cormac explained that it was near the anniversary of his late wife’s diagnosis. Cormac and Meredith bonded over both having lost a spouse. Their relationship was heating up when Meredith was diagnosed with COVID-19. 

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans are tired of hearing that Cristina Yang ‘sent’ Cormac to Meredith 

According to fans on reddit, ‘sending’ a man to Meredith is totally out of character for Cristina. One fan wrote, “It just doesn’t seem like something she would have ever done when she was in the show, in my opinion.” Fans don’t think Cristina would care enough about Meredith’s love life to ship her a whole man. They also don’t get how Cormac would allow himself to be sent. 

Cormac went to Grey Sloan for a job opportunity. His children have family in the Seattle area, and he probably wanted them to be close to someone on their mother’s side after her death. Cristina may have recommended the job to Cormac, but she didn’t seem to tell him about Meredith, or to inform him that he was being shipped off to her like some kind of product. 

It’s possible that Cristina Yang wanted Meredith to have a friend 

Other fans don’t like the narrative that Cristina sent Meredith a love interest, but they do think Cristina wanted Cormac and Meredith to meet. Fans think Cristina may have though that Cormac and Meredith had a lot in common. Both lost spouses, after all. Cristina couldn’t be there for Meredith in person, so she introduced her to someone who would help Meredith through losing Derek. One fan said “I just feel like she sent Meredith a friend someone who she can talk to or someone who can actually relate to her not someone who she can date that just doesn’t sound like Cristina at all !”

Fans also think that the writers used Cristina to give Cormac credibility with the audience, and push the relationship along. As one fan put it, “they probably made it that way because they saw him as the possible love interest and having Cristina’s approval would help to develope it.” Essentially, the writers needed fans to like Cormac right away. They didn’t have years to build credibility like they did with Derek. So they made Cristina give him some credibility. 

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