‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Cristina Yang’s Cameos and ‘The Package’ She Sent Meredith Get Better Every Week

Fans were heartbroken when Meredith Grey’s (Ellen Pompeo) twisted sister, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), left the show, so the producers found ways to work her in. This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy included the usual texts between the two, plus an added story about Yang from the new surgeon. 

[Warning: Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 spoilers ahead]

Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh
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What do fans think of ‘the package’ that Cristina sent Meredith?

During the midseason finale of Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina told her twisted sister that she sent her a package. It turns out that it was in the form of a person—McWidow—who is a new pediatric surgeon at Grey-Sloan Hospital. 

Dr. Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood) had a lot more screen time in this week’s episode, and fans loved it. The sweet yet sexy man bent down to tie pregnant Amelia’s (Caterina Scorsone) shoe and offered to get the ladies coffee. He came across as arrogant and rude the first time we met him, but he’s making up for it this week. 

“That is a very well-wrapped gift,” Amelia tells Meredith.

On-screen, Meredith’s sister-in-law, Amelia, is pretty smitten over Hayes as well. However, the fans have even more to say about the package.

“I like McWidow because he’s charming but arrogant AND competent,” wrote one Reddit user. “I feel like we haven’t gotten that exact combination in a while.”

Many other fans agree that this new pediatric surgeon is what the show needed. 

The Cristina Yang cameo was what every ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fan wanted

Although Yang did not come back in flesh and blood this week, she made several small cameos. The first was through a text that Meredith and Cristina were sending each other. They discussed whether the package she sent was “personal” or “professional.” The answer is both, of course. 

Later on, the cameo got even better when we heard that Yang fought over the same type of medical case that Hayes and Meredith did. It turns out Yang was correct, not Hayes, and she did not let him live it down.

“She was an absolute nightmare,” Hayes described Cristina. 

We also find out that the pediatric surgeon has no idea that Meredith is best friends with Cristina. It is the perfect combination—he tells stories about her best friend and doesn’t even know that Cristina is trying to hook the two up. It could only get better if Yang makes an appearance on the show.

We see McWidow’s softer side, and we are here for it

As Hayes and Meredith work together throughout the episode, we find out more backstory on the new surgeon. His wife died two years ago, and he was having a particularly rough week when he met Meredith. He even apologized to her.

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“Listen, Grey, I get a bit dark this time of year because it’s when I lost my wife to cancer,” Hayes says. “So I hope we can start over.” 

He is very kind and sweet throughout the whole episode. We didn’t think we would like him this fast. Let’s hope there’s more McWidow when Grey’s Anatomy returns next Thursday at 9 p.m. ET to ABC.

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