‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Derek Shepherd Was Not the Perfect Man for Meredith Grey

Derek Shepherd is referred to as McDreamy in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. He is charismatic, handsome, and a man with witty charms for the ladies. His body statute and sexy hair are things that make most women dream about him, such as with Meredith Grey. 

Even though Derek left Grey’s Anatomy in Season 11, his fans remember his intense relationship with Meredith Grey. The romance between Derek and Meredith was one of the leading plotlines in the drama series for many years. However, Derek was a man with many flaws and was not the perfect man for Meredith. 

Meredith was a rebound girl in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey on ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy'
Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Mike Rosenthal via Getty Images

Derek kicks off the series by cheating on his wife Addison with his new love, Meredith. He doesn’t tell Meredith about his marital status and notoriously starts a romantic affair with her. 

It is pretty awful that Derek is cheating on Addison when he is hooking up with Meredith. If he was a perfect man for Meredith, he could have informed her about his marriage. Later in the show, Meredith is surprised by Addison’s arrival. 

When Derek and Meredith start dating, Derek doesn’t respect her decision. Meredith tries to end the relationship when she finds out that Derek is her boss. However, Derek is a persistent man and can’t take no for an answer, as seen in a YouTube compilation of the pair’s romantic moments from the Ms. Mojo channel. Despite him chasing Meredith persistently, he is still a married man, a fact that he is not ready to share with her. 

After the finale of the first season of Grey’s Anatomy, Derek picks Addison over Meredith and tries to repair his marriage. He is inconsiderate about Meredith’s feelings when he makes that decision. 

Derek doesn’t involve Meredith in his decision making

In the early seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith is living with her friends Alex, George, and Izzie. Later, Derek decides to move into Meredith’s house. When he moves into the house, he unceremoniously chooses to kick out Meredith’s roommates without consulting her. 

It is so wrong for Derek to decide on his own that Meredith’s colleagues should not live in the house anymore. He should have consulted her before making the abrupt decision. 

In Season 11 of the drama series, Derek also becomes insensitive in his decision-making. He accepts a job to work under the President Earlier, he had promised to support his family and Meredith’s career, but he accepted the massive deal. His decision is quite selfish, and if he was the perfect man for Meredith, he could have communicated and reasoned with her before taking the deal.

Derek has eyes for other women in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Derek is portrayed as a perfect guy with his sexy looks and adorable eyes in Grey’s Anatomy. His fans believed that his epic love for Meredith would make him a faithful and trustworthy partner. However, that’s not the case. In fact, Derek even had a brief crush on Meredith’s half-sister, Lexie Grey. 

If Meredith and Derek were a perfect couple, he would have no interest in other women. In another incident, Derek kisses a scrub nurse known as Rose. He uses Rose to get back at Meredith and make her jealous. Derek and Rose then get into a relationship, which is quite frustrating for Meredith.

The relationship between Derek and Meredith was a tumultuous one and kept the fans on edge for many seasons in the Grey’s Anatomy series. However, there were many instances when Derek doubted their love and was on the verge of cheating on her. Derek was not the perfect man for Meredith, and she deserved better treatment than what she got from Derek. In many instances, Derek was inconsiderate, selfish and drove Meredith to the edge. 

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