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Maggie Pierce is smart, sweet, and quirky. She’s the loving daughter of Richard Webber and the late Ellis Grey and the little sister of Meredith Grey. She made her first appearance on Grey’s Anatomy during season 10 and has since grown to become a fan favorite.

Over the past few seasons, Maggie has made some questionable love choices, and is admittingly bad at relationships. But despite some of her relationship disasters, it’s her latest boyfriend, Dr. Jackson Avery that has fans crying that Maggie deserves better

A closer look at Jackson and Maggie’s relationship

Maggie from Grey's Anatomy
Kelly McCreary on Grey’s Anatomy | Mitch Haaseth via Getty Images

The relationship with Jackson Avery and Maggie Pierce has always had a few things working against them. From the beginning, there were warning signs that should have made the couple step back. Maggie had a fling with fellow doctor Andrew DeLuca, who was not interested in a relationship.

Jackson was coming out of a rocky relationship with his wife, April Kepner. When the two of them first got together, things were still complicated between Jackson and April. Neither Jackson nor Maggie were in the best place to start a relationship.

And then there’s the whole sibling factor. There’s the little fact that Jackson’s mother, Catherine Avery is married to Maggie’s father, Richard Webber. This technically makes the two step-siblings. But despite the hurdles, the two persevered and developed a strong connection. But it wasn’t long before fans began to notice that things weren’t right between the two. 

Why Maggie deserves better

Fans began to notice red flags mid-way through season 15. One Reddit user wrote that a conversation between Maggie and Jackson was all too telling about what was wrong with their relationship. During that conversation, Jackson said that he wished he had found God earlier. He said that if he had, Jackson, April, and Harriet would be a happy family. Mind you, he was talking about his ex-wife to his new girlfriend.  

As the season went on, the conversation appeared to be pushed under the rug. But near the end of the season, the couple had reached its breaking point. During the penultimate episode of season 15, Maggie and Jackson went on a camping trip after Maggie made it very clear that she does not do camping.

Things went sour fast. Maggie was bitten by a bug and then fell and hurt her ankle. This quickly spiraled into the two doctors arguing about what they didn’t like about one another. 

But this is a normal fight, right? Not so much. The conversation ended up with the two basically agreeing that Jackson didn’t even like Maggie for who she is as a person.

And Maggie? Well, she pretty much thought that Jackson was an entitled rich boy, going as far as to call him Mr. Monopoly. After that, the two tried to make it back to the hospital as quick as possible, but in true Grey’s fashion, mother nature had something else to say about that. 

Where things are today

Things didn’t get better after the camping trip and seemingly got worse. The two doctors chose to part ways and Jackson quickly moved on to a firefighter from \Station 19. Maggie was obviously bothered, but Jackson didn’t care.

Adding fuel to the fire, by the second episode Jackson was on social media posting “#freedom.” Jackson later apologized saying that it was not “conscious spite” but he seemed to acknowledge that there may have been some unconscious spite. 

Maggie and Jackson are clearly two different people from two different worlds. This is Grey’s Anatomy so we can expect the two to make their way back to each other, if only briefly. But given the strife between the two of them, since virtually the beginning, we’d say it’s time for Maggie to find someone new.