‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Even If Meredith and Hayes Don’t Work Out, Fans Want Him to Stick Around

Grey’s Anatomy hasn’t been too kind to Meredith’s love life. Starting with her complicated relationship with Derek and his tragic death to the steamy hookups and “I love you’s” with DeLuca. Not to mention the several sparks and dates in between that never had enough potential to go any further. Everyone agrees that Meredith deserves to have love again, but the question remains – with whom

Fans suspect Dr. Cormac Hayes will be Meredith’s next love interest after saving her life in his brief moment on screen in season 16. It’s no easy task finding the perfect suitor for Grey’s Anatomy’s beloved leading lady, but whether or not Hayes makes the cut is irrelevant to fans. They want him around anyway!

Mer and Hayes’ relationship

ELLEN POMPEO | Gilles Mingasson/ABC via Getty Images

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Like fans, Mer’s BFF Christina wants nothing but the best for her, including a happy (hopefully long-lasting) new relationship with the right suiter. Hayes, nicknamed McWidow by Christina, was “sent” by the leading lady’s BFF to fulfill that role. Meredith, oblivious to her friend’s intentions, assumed the “package” Christina sent was anything but…a physical human being! 

Like so many scenes before it, we once again see a relationship with Meredith begin with an elevator scene!

McWidow shows some charm and appeal in his encounter with Mer as she finds out he’s the “package” sent to her. Looming in the background is a sulking DeLuca, but it’s unlikely Mer will go down that road again. Not to mention, several scenes since have conveyed an obvious connection between Mer and Hayes, with humorous snippets, passionate decisions, deep conversations, and mutually tragic backstories. 

We’re all well aware of Meredith’s tragic love history, but when it came out that Hayes could relate on the same level, fans instantly recognized the potential for much more with these two characters.

Fan reviews on Mer’s potentially new love interest 

As Grey’s Anatomy sets the two characters up for what many people believe will be Mer’s “new Derek,” fans run to YouTube reviews with a lot to say about it. It seems this Irish doctor has been fan-approved by most viewers, although some think he still might not make the cut.

One fan likes Deluca’s character but thinks, “Hayes understands her better, and they have better chemistry. Plus, he is Cristina approved.” Another noticed that Mer hasn’t “smiled like this since Derek” and praised Hayes, saying, “I love them together. I love his character, he is the only one since Derek who doesn’t back down, or is in [awe] of her, he just likes her.” 

It seems Hayes is the most likely contender to attempt taking on the significant role of Mer’s love interest. He has what fans have imagined Mer settling for since her bad luck in the past. Now it’s up to the writers to turn this speculation into an official relationship.

Friendzone if you have to, but don’t kill him off

Even if Grey’s Anatomy chooses to go another direction with Hayes, the Irish doctor has managed to charm fans into hoping for more storylines with his character. Many fans don’t even care if he’s just a friend or co-worker, as long as he spends more time on-screen. According to one Twitter user, “If you didn’t love him before, this [McWidow’s memories] has to do it.”

Another fan on Reddit comments, “I’m really liking Hayes, and I hope they don’t disappoint with the scenes between him and Mer for the rest of this season. I’m totally into her being on her own as well, but he seems like he’d be a solid friend if nothing else..”

If McWidow can’t replace McDreamy, it’s a wonder who can.  As long as he isn’t gone for good any time soon, we’ll be happy. It’s the classic case of “we’ll take what we can get” from Grey’s Anatomy since they tend to let our favorite characters leave the show