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Grey’s Anatomy has redefined the way we view relationships. Whether it is just a friendship, or it is something more romantic, this show made us believe in love again and gave us hope that somewhere out in the world, there is someone out there that we could call our person.

Throughout all of the fantastic relationships that this show has showcased, there has been one major relationship that fans did not like at all. The relationship happened a long time ago, however, because it involved the show’s most beloved character, Meredith Grey, fans are still having a hard time getting over the disastrous couple. So, who was Meredith Grey’s worst love interest? Keep reading to find out.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans loved Meredith Grey’s relationship with Derek Shepherd

Ellen Pompeo on Grey's Anatomy
Ellen Pompeo | Tony Rivetti/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Throughout the show’s 14-year run, Meredith Grey has had several different romantic interests. However, as far as the fans are concerned, none of relationships can compare to the intensely dramatic relationship that she had with Dr. Derek Shepherd. 

On the show, the two doctors had their fair share of ups and downs. At first, their on-again, off-again relationship drove fans crazy. And once they finally got together for good, fans were put on an emotional roller coaster.

They had to watch the couple deal with the heartbreak of unsuccessfully trying to have a baby, the joyous occasion when they adopted their daughter, several close calls when they each almost lost their lives, and then finally when Meredith was by Derek’s side as he passed away.

Throughout the good times and the bad, fans would faithfully tune into the show every week just to watch the charisma and magnetism that these two characters had together.

And even though Derek passed away in season 11, fans have still not been able to get over his death and many are still hoping that the writers of the show will decide to bring Derek back and write off the whole death scene as just a bad dream.

Who do fans think Meredith Grey’s worst love interest was?

 Out of all of the people Meredith Grey has been with on the show, it was her romantic relationship with her best friend, and former roommate, George O’Malley, that really left fans asking “why?” 

Since the beginning, it had been no secret that George was in love with Meredith. However, back then, Meredith only had eyes for Dr. McDreamy (Derek Shepherd).

In Season 2, when Derek Decided to try to work things out with his estranged wife, Meredith was understandably feeling very depressed and heartbroken. Instead of turning on a rom-com and eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, Meredith decided to have a one-night stand with her roommate who was very much in love with her.

She obviously did not feel the same way about George as he did about her, which is what made their sex scene so incredibly awkward and heartbreaking. Meredith ended up crying during their intimate scene and it left George feeling horrible about the whole thing and it caused him to move out of the house.

There were some fans who thought that George and Meredith’s disastrous sexual encounter was an important part of the show and needed to happen in order to strengthen the plot. However, the majority of fans felt that this particular plot twist was unnecessary.

What did ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans think of George O’Malley?

George O’Malley is a fun and likable character, and there aren’t many fans who dispute that fact. For the most part, fans really liked George,, they just hated the fact that Meredith was ever with him romantically.

On a recent Reddit post, one fan had ranked Meredith Grey’s love interests from best to worst. At the top of the list was Derek Shepherd. At the very bottom of the list, the fan had typed in George O’Malley’s name. 

Another Reddit user, who had obviously agreed with the list, except for on one point, had said: “George wasn’t a love interest [by the way], he was a tough in the matrix.”