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It’s no secret that Grey’s Anatomy fans have strong feelings about their favorite characters. When Jackson Avery (Jesse Wesley Williams) and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) broke up on Grey’s Anatomy, fans rejoiced. Viewers did not approve of the pair as a couple

In the latest episode, on November 14, 2019, the duo almost kisses, and fans have strong feelings about it. Let’s take a look at why viewers are so upset.

Kelly Mc Creary and Jesse Williams
Kelly McCreary and Jesse Williams | Mitch Haaseth via Getty Images

Jackson made a terrible move on Maggie

Fans are appalled that Jackson is playing with Maggie’s emotions when she is already in a very vulnerable state. She is still reeling after the death of her look-alike cousin, Richard’s niece, Sabie (Crystal McCreary). Maggie feels awful that she could not save the woman, so she gets drunk in hotel bars in the middle of the afternoon. 

We thought Jackson was helping her home, and then he sits on her couch and starts caressing her arm. 

“This is kinda nice,” Jackson tells Maggie, “You, I’ve missed you.” He is talking to her so sweetly, making her feel comfortable. It’s not hard for Maggie to get sucked back in by his sweet-talk. 

When she reaches for the wine bottle, he leans in to kiss her. Then, when she leans, he all of a sudden backs away. 

Instead of kissing her, he backtracks and tells her that he can’t cheat. Thankfully, she knows he is being awful and throws him out. “I hate someone I used to love,” she tells Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) after Jackson leaves. “I don’t want to see or speak to him ever again.”

Fans are appalled at the way Jackson acts

“Jackson is the one who brought her home, plied her with more wine, and then leaned in for a possible kiss,” wrote one fan on Reddit. “If that’s not leading someone on, I don’t know what is. Yes, it’s great he didn’t cheat, but he was kind of playing with her emotions beforehand.”

“First of all, Maggie was drunk,” wrote another angered fan. “Second of all, Maggie was reaching for the wine bottle when Jackson took the opportunity to lean in. Third, if Jackson’s leaning in, why shouldn’t she? She’s single and can kiss whoever she wants. Maggie isn’t in a relationship with Vic, Jackson is.”

Even in her drunken state, Maggie knows he is toying with her emotions.

“Jackson is ridiculous for even thinking of cheating,” added another viewer on Reddit.

“[He’s] being selfish as usual,” wrote one Instagram user. “It’s really not a good look. Some of the best actors are the ones whose characters you really grow to hate.”

Fans solidly agree that Jackson’s move on Maggie was uncalled for and rude.

Has Jackson always been this awful?

The situation with Maggie ignites a conversation between fans about whether or not Jackson has always been a terrible person.

“Jackson is really starting to annoy me,” began one fan. “Maggie is in such a vulnerable place, and him slithering in the way he did was so wrong.”

“On that note,” responded another Redditor, “was Jackson always this insufferable and we didn’t notice or have they changed his character?”

“We’re talking about a guy who stood up at his ex’s wedding and ran off with the bride while his girlfriend was sitting next to him,” added one fan. “As a matter of fact, I’d say he’s being pretty consistent here. He preferred his ex while he was with Stephanie. He was grieving what he lost with April while he was with Maggie. And he misses Maggie while he’s with Vic.”

Fans concluded that Jackson has always been unfaithful, so it’s odd that he stops himself from kissing Maggie. They also reveal that they despise his character. 

Hopefully, Maggie sticks to what she said and does not have any more interactions with him. Find out what she does Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.