‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Are Still Laughing at an Awkward ‘Bonding Experience’ Between Meredith and Jackson

The halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital based in Seattle, Washington, have been filled with countless doctors and nurses stirring up unthinkable drama.

Twisted tales, affairs that have gone array, botched surgeries, and too many romantic encounters to remember have kept audiences glued to the television for the past 15 years.

Just when fans thought they had seen it all on the hit ABC television series Grey’s Anatomyenter two of our favorite doctor’s mothers to stir things up.

The awkward “bonding experience”

ELLEN POMPEO | Gilles Mingasson/ABC via Getty Images

In Season 9, Episode 3, titled “Love the One You’re With,” Jackson (Jesse Williams) shares a little known fact about his mother with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). As the two are washing up after surgery, he confides in her, saying, “The chief banged my mom.”

Meredith looks confused, thinking it is Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), who was the Chief of Surgery at the time. Jackson is quick to set her straight, saying, “Webber! Webber. Dr. Webber banged my mom.”

Meredith thought about it for a second and then replied in only the way she can, saying, “If it makes you feel any better, he banged my mom too.”

Jackson looks at her in quiet disbelief and says, “That makes me feel worse.”

Fans fondly reminisce

In a recentĀ Reddit forum, fans of the surgical drama went back in the time machine to 2012. They discussed the infamous scene, acknowledging that the two doctors had a strong connection with a friendship that was “totally underrated.”

They found humor in the banter, saying, “It’s a great bonding experience.”

A Reddit user pointed out that Jackson and Meredith were in the same residency class, and they passed the boards together. This left fans wondering why the writers strayed away from developing a stronger friendship between them, saying “they really are hilarious together.”

A fan of the hit series said, “I love their small moments together. They mostly quarrel, and it’s so funny.” Another commented, “This cracked me up from the very first time I heard it. Jackson is such a great character. I wish they would play him up more like this.” While yet another said, “I died laughing.”

Everyone seemed to agree that “We need more Jackson and Meredith scenes.”

Dr. Webber has a way with the ladies 

James Pickens, Jr. is one of the original cast members of Grey’s Anatomy. He portrays the compelling role of Dr. Richard Webber, the Chief of Surgery at the overly dramatic hospital.

During his residency, he had an affair with Meredith’s mother, Dr. Ellis Grey (played by several actresses). At the time, both of them were married, so they never developed a lasting relationship. Later, it is discovered that Maggie, Meredith’s sister, is a product of that unkindled relationship.

Many years later, Dr. Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen), who is Jackson’s mother, comes to Seattle. She introduces a urology fellow to Webber and develops an immediate connection with the chief. They hint at a romantic relationship with back and forth flirtation.

The pair make plans for dinner, but Webber gets cold feet and backs out.  Avery doesn’t give up, but despite her flirtatious attempts, Webber refuses her advances, trying to say true to his current wife, Adele.

In a Season 8 episode titled “One Step Too Far,” the doctors run into each other at a San Francisco hotel. They finally give in to their undeniable sexual attraction and have a one-night stand.

Unbeknownst to them, Avery’s son Jackson is at the same hotel to take his boards and sees the two of them together in the lobby. He is horrified to find out that his new boss had just spent the night “banging” his mother.