‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Don’t Want the Show to End ‘Like This’

Since 2005, Grey’s Anatomy has seemed to be an unstoppable force on television.

Now in their 17th season, the people of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital have dealt with heart-stopping drama for over a decade and a half. But this season has seen the kind of drama that surpasses even the most shocking events in the past. After all, this year they’re grappling with a life-altering force that the whole world is facing — Covid-19. 

Many people admire how the series has shown the realities of what medical workers are going through during the pandemic. But some viewers hope that this won’t be the last season, because they don’t want to say goodbye to the doctors and nurses like this

When will ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ end?

ELLEN POMPEO | Raymond Liu/ABC via Getty Images

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With 17 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy is already the longest-running TV medical drama ever. According to Variety, people wonder every year if this will be the last one. And every year, the answer to that question isn’t clear. 

Shonda Rhimes, who created the popular show, has promised that the show will end when Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey, is ready to move on. Pompeo has been with Grey’s Anatomy since the first episodes. Some of her recent comments suggest that the time may have come. 

“We don’t know when the show is really ending yet. But the truth is, this year could be it,” she recently said. “I mean, this is the last year of my contract right now. I don’t know that this is the last year? But it very well could be.”

Whether season 17 is the final one or not, it has been very different from the rest.

A season of Covid-19

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Just like the rest of the world, the last year of Grey’s Anatomy has been affected by Covid-19. According to Insider, the show has done a deep dive into how it has impacted the lives of medical workers on the front lines.

Real-life doctors and nurses have said that the show’s depiction of battling Covid-19 is very realistic. They’ve managed to capture the exhaustion, isolation, and fear that many medical workers currently live with on a daily basis during the pandemic. 

But although frontline workers appreciate the series giving a glimpse into what they’re enduring, viewers are hoping the show won’t end like this. 

Fans don’t want to end with a ‘very dark’ season

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In a recent discussion on Reddit, viewers brought up the question of if the show would come back for an 18th season. Many people hoped it would, but not just because they’re fans of the show. They don’t want it to end like this.

“I just don’t it to end on a covid-centric season,” one person said. “I know it’s going to probably end soon but give is some non covid episodes first please!”

“Yes I agree,” another chimed in. “It would be wrong to end the series on a covid-centric season. However, I don’t think it will end like this anyway. I believe there will be a final 18th season.”

“18 would be the perfect time to stop as I don’t think Ellen wants to keep going either,” one person guessed. “I think I’d be upset if they ended things this season, seeing as we’ve barely seen Meredith and it’s very dark for a finale season.”   Fans have stuck with Grey’s Anatomy through plenty of heartbreak and loss. But season 17th’s struggles are just a little too painful for many of them. Although they’re almost ready to say goodbye, they don’t want to go out on such a sad note.