‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Familiar with the Foster Care System Hate the Luna Storyline

It is hard to believe that Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for almost two decades now. Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Kevin McKidd, and Caterina Scorsone are just a few of the many talented actors that make up the highly-entertaining cast.

Meredith Grey and the team of medical professionals at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital have become fan-favorites over the course of the show’s 17 seasons, but there is one character whose storyline isn’t boding very well at the moment. Take a look back at Doctor Jo Wilson’s journey on Grey’s Anatomy and why fans hate a huge part of her character’s arc. 

Jo Wilson’s character on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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Jo Wilson’s character was first introduced in the 2012 episode “Going, Going, Gone”. Coming off the heels of season eight’s tragic plane crash, emotions were running high, to say the least. Right off the bat, the fans and viewers couldn’t help but notice the chemistry and connection between Wilson and Doctor Alex Karev. However, it almost never was smooth sailing. 

As the series progressed, Grey’s Anatomy‘s followers were able to learn more about Jo’s past and history. From her heartbreaking and heroic story dealing with homelessness to the suspenseful and frightening story line revolving around Jo’s abusive and estranged ex-husband, fans and viewers quickly realized there was much more under the surface. 

What has been happening with Jo Wilson on season 17?

Jo Wilson’s character has seemed to take a lot of blows over the past few seasons. Most recently, it was the unexpected demise of her marriage to Alex Karev. Alex and Jo get married in the season 14 finale, but by season 16 Karev had seemed to have gone totally MIA. 

Many Grey’s Anatomy viewers were stunned to see that Alex had left Jo to be with Izzie Stevens in “Leave a Light On”. Leaving Jo heartbroken and confused, she turned to Jackson Avery for a “friends with benefits” situation to help get her through these tough times. 

However, just as Avery took off for his next chapter in Boston, Jo found her newest source of joy: baby Luna. Jo was treating Val Ashton when Val gave birth to Luna.  The product of a one-night stand, Luna’s father wasn’t in the picture. Sadly, Luna’s mom wasn’t able to survive her medical conditions. The unusual circumstances and close bond Jo formed with Val while treating her led Wilson to forming a special connection with Luna. 

Fans familiar with the foster care system hate the Luna storyline

Since Luna needed more time at the hospital, Jo has been able to support and care for the baby while she got stronger. However, Jo’s love for Luna matched with her increasing frustration for the baby’s social worker is what sparked the doctor to explore the possibility of adopting Luna herself. 

Unfortunately, the storyline and development hasn’t been going over all too well with some fans and viewers of Grey’s Anatomy. This Reddit thread says it all. One user kicked off the discussion with, “Dear Krista, I know its just television but please stop portraying the foster care system like this.” The heated comment was directed towards Krista Vernoff, the renowned showrunner responsible for Grey’s Anatomy.

Many fans and viewers of the show spoke out in the discussion explaining why this discrepancy was such a painful one. A user who identified as a social worker added, “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I went on a rant of my own! I was a Social Worker for 20 years and the way she made that system work was a slap in the face. Foster parents as well as hopeful adoptive parents go through hell to be able to care and love these children. Home visits after home visits, financials, background checks that stop nothing short of a cavity search (sorry but it’s true).” Many other fans commented with similar sentiments.

Though at the end of the day it is just fiction, fans and viewers of Grey’s Anatomy hope the series gets a more accurate portrayal of situations like this one moving forward.

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