‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Fans Hate This One Character No Matter How Many Times He Says Something Sweet

When a show is around as long as Grey’s Anatomy, fans are bound to hate some characters. The medical drama is now in season 16 and only has three remaining original actors. Fans have come to love some new characters along the way, but this one person receives a ton of hate from viewers.

[Warning: Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 spoilers ahead]

Greg Germann, Chandra Wilson and Giacomo Giannotti
Greg Germann, Chandra Wilson, and Giacomo Giannotti | Kelsey McNeal/ABC via Getty Images

Which character do ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans hate the most this season?

Viewers have Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) to blame for bringing in the most disliked character on Grey’s Anatomy. In season 14, Amelia called her former mentor, Tom Koracick (Greg Germann), to remove her brain tumor. The surgeon successfully performed the removal and continued appearing on the show ever since.

His backstory is very tragic. Tom lost his only son when a baseball bat hit the child at the age of 10. The surgeon’s personality is dry and harsh. He often comes off as rude, so many viewers have a tough time connecting with him. 

During season 16, Tom officially gets the boot from Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) when she has Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) ‘s baby. Tom swears that it is not going to work between Teddy and Owen. The surgeon tells the new mother that he will be there when the relationship falls apart. 

Tom is appointed Chief Medical Officer of all of the Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen) hospitals. This new role of power makes him more of a jerk than he already was. At least the man had his sweet moments when he was dating Teddy, but with that relationship over, there’s no hope.

Season 16, Episode 11, ‘A Hard Pill to Swallow’ tries to redeem Tom Koracick

Throughout this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, viewers watch as Tom harasses Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) for missing work. Everyone at home knows that Bailey had a miscarriage and is going through a tough time right now. However, she hasn’t told Tom. 

The neurosurgeon continually makes rude remarks to Bailey, that is until one point when she loses it on him. She tells him about how she sat at home in her bed, crying for three days over her miscarriage. What he says next is unexpected.

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“Light a candle,” Tom tells a confused Bailey. “My ex-wife, Dana, she miscarried—twice—before we had David. Once at 10 weeks, once at 18, which was, well, you know how it was. People have this idea that you just get over it—that you are sad and you move on—but that wasn’t my experience. That wasn’t my wife’s experience. So every year, still, on what would be their birthdays, I light a candle. They took with them little pieces of our hearts, and those pieces will never be replaced, so maybe light a candle.” 

Now that we know this poor man not only lost his 10-year-old son but two other unborn babies, it’s hard not to feel something for him. 

Fans argue that although he suffered significant trauma—Tom doesn’t have to be rude to everyone

One fan pointed out that although Tom was acting awful this week, the moment he had with Bailey was a sweet one.

“Every time they make Tom a colossal dick, they find a way to turn it around and make me tear up,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

Other fans disagreed and feel that he has no right to act that way to everyone around him.

“That doesn’t make me like him, though,” another fan added. “You don’t get to be a dick all the time, and then when you really pissed someone off, talk about your dead kids. He pulls that card all the time.”

This user wasn’t the only one to share this sentiment about Tom. 

“This! This only annoys me more,” another viewer added. “Having experienced trauma doesn’t mean you get to be a jerk whenever you please.”

The bottom line is that although fans feel bad for what happened to Tom, they still don’t like the way he acts. Hopefully, he will start acting like more of a kind human being when Grey’s Anatomy airs next Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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