‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Reveal the Scenes That Made Them Stop Hating Tom

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has been a doozy, to say the least. Fans and followers of the popular ABC series recently had to say goodbye to Doctor Andrew DeLuca.

As a result of her COVID-19 diagnosis, Meredith Grey, the medical drama’s beloved protagonist, has been fighting for her life. Having the opportunity to see Meredith reunite with some of Grey’s Anatomy‘s fan-favorite characters who have since left the show has been one silver lining of Meredith’s medical condition. Derek Shepherd, Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey, and George O’Malley are some of the highly-loved and highly-missed characters who have stopped by to the dreamy beach Meredith seems to go to in her subconscious. 

Since Grey’s Anatomy‘s premiere in 2005, audiences and viewers have enjoyed their fair share of “favorites”, and some fans might be surprised to hear who seems to be joining the pack. Take a closer look at Tom Koracick’s character on Grey’s Anatomy and the scenes that helped so many fans realize Tom Koracick is actually a really great guy. 

Tom Koracick on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

GREG GERMANN | Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

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Greg Germann, a Houston native, first joined the cast of Grey’s Anatomy in 2017. Germann’s character, Doctor Tom  Koracick, came to Seattle when Amelia Shepherd had a unique and troubling brain tumor.  Koracick, who once taught Amelia, successfully pulled off the surgery and ultimately saved her life. Tom returned to Seattle to work on a case with Amelia which eventually led to him accepting a neurosurgeon position at Grey Sloan Memorial. 

Though Tom was credited for saving Amelia’s career and life, his season 14 appearance didn’t get him off on the best foot with longtime viewers. His cocky and sometimes arrogant attitude rubbed many of the doctors and at-home viewers the wrong way. However, over time, fans started to realize they might have been wrong about him. 

Fans and followers of the show discussed some of their favorite Tom Koracick moments

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When it comes to Tom Koracick, many fans and viewers of Grey’s Anatomy have done a complete 180. Initially, many fans viewed Tom as selfish and even a little shallow. However, slowly but surely, they have realized that is not the case at all.

This Reddit thread discussed some of the scenes and episodes that were responsible for the shifts and change of perspective in fans. Amongst the examples was Tom’s heartbreaking conversation with Doctor Miranda Bailey when he revealed why he disliked Halloween so much. Tom and his son both loved Halloween, and after Tom’s child unexpectedly died, the holiday brought with it painful memories. 

Though sad, fans and viewers have enjoyed learning about Tom’s past. Through his relationship with April Kepner audiences were also better able to understand his past and struggles. Being open about his “baggage” showed viewers a very vulnerable side of the complex character. 

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans reveal this scene made them stop hating Tom Koracick

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Tom Koracick’s journey on Grey’s Anatomy has been one filled with twists and turns. A late comer to the came, in many ways, fans and viewers are still learning about him, but, nonetheless, they seem to like what they have been learning. 

Of all the moments discussed in the Reddit thread surrounding Germann’s character, there was one scene in particular that seemed to stand out. While Doctor Teddy Altman was in the hospital giving birth to her baby with Doctor Owen Hunt, Tom was at home putting together a crib for Teddy and her baby. 

As viewers know, much of Tom’s storyline has stemmed from his affair and love for Teddy which made the juxtaposition that much more powerful and heartbreaking. Viewers of Grey’s Anatomy have been grateful for the opportunity to get to know and appreciate Tom’s character, but, now more than ever, they feel for him.