‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Say They’re Done With the ‘Revolving Door of Characters’

Grey’s Anatomy has continued to change the cast over the years. But the newest episode is upsetting fans who say they’re over the revolving door of characters.

​​[Spoiler: Spoilers ahead for Grey’s Anatomy episode “No Time to Die”.] 

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returns and teases a surprising exit

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“No Time to Die” picks up where the last episode left off. Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood) and Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) make it back to the hospital with a few scrapes from the car accident. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) is taken to the hospital after Dr. Ben Warren (Jason George) rescues him from the totaled car. He needs surgery, but it looks like he’ll be OK.

Cormac and Owen then talk about Owen’s admission to giving dying veterans life-ending drugs as mercy. Cormac is worried about being an accessory to a crime having this knowledge. But Owen doesn’t want to go to prison, so he doesn’t want to come forward.

Cormac later tells Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) that he’s going back to Ireland. He gives the excuse that his sons aren’t happy in Seattle, but it’s most likely to escape the position Owen has put him in. 

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans are tired of new characters leaving

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The newest episode upset some fans. They took to Reddit to vent about Cormac leaving to go back to Ireland. 

“I was fine with them not getting together. But just cutting him out of the show completely? No. They can’t be doing that. I bet/hope it’s a mislead. Idk,” one fan wrote.

“This is Krista Vernoff’s problem, she adds cast members with absolutely zero planning, and when she gets overwhelmed, she writes some other characters out of the show via some really absurd storylines,” another person replied. “What an incompetent showrunner. Her idea of writing for a show is making every character sleep with each other. That’s all she knows and she’s not even good at it.”

“The revolving door of characters is just annoying at this point. He just floated in and out of the story and made zero impact on the actual progression of things. What poor poor writing,” a third fan commented.

“I feel like I’m mentally still at the end of season 16 waiting for Mer and Hayes to get a drink. And now he’s leaving,” another fan added.

Is Meredith Grey the reason Cormac Hayes is leaving?

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey smiles wearing blue scrubs on 'Grey's Anatomy'.
Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | ABC/Raymond Liu

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Cormac joined Grey’s Anatomy in season 16. It looked like he could be a love interest for Meredith. That’s because he also experienced the death of his spouse and is raising multiple children on his own.

After Cormac asked her out on a date, she contracted COVID-19. This season Meredith reunited with Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman), and they’re fully in a relationship. It’s very likely that Cormac’s purpose as a character is a reason why he’s being written out of the show. Deadline reports Flood is leaving the show, so it’s unlikely it’s a misdirect.