‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Fans Still Think Nico Is the Worst – ‘He’s Basically a Statue’

When Dr. Nico Kim (played by actor Alex Landi) first appeared on Grey’s Anatomy in Season 15, the new character made history on the medical TV drama. 

Dr. Kim’s addition back in 2018 expanded the diversity of Grey’s Anatomy in numerous ways: He was the show’s first openly gay male surgeon, he extended the drama’s racial diversity, and he was also the show’s first orthopedic surgery fellow (Dr. Callie Torres, played by Sara Ramirez, never actually did her fellowship).

However, despite Dr. Kim’s groundbreaking storyline and plot development, not everyone loves how the surgeon is portrayed on Grey’s Anatomy, and some fans on social media have choice words about the actor himself. 

Dr. Nico Kim made his first appearance on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in the season 15 premiere

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Grey’s Anatomy is no stranger to characters expressing their sexuality and embracing their personal identity. But when actor Alex Landi landed the role of Dr. Nico Kim in 2018, the news quickly caught the attention of fans for how historic the decision was.

Grey’s Anatomy has, of course, had no shortage of prominent LGBT characters over the years,” explained TV Line when the news broke, “but few of them have been men. And…none of them have been surgeons.”

Dr. Nico Kim appears in the premier of 2018’s 15 season, working alongside Dr. Atticus Lincoln (i.e., Link) to help save a woman who had been hit by a car while biking. In that same episode, Dr. Kim hints at his sexuality when he winks at Dr. Levi Schmitt.

Dr. Kim and Dr. Schmitt became a couple in season 15 but broke up in season 16

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After the flirtatious wink in the season 15 premiere, Dr. Kim and Dr. Schmitt get to know each other and share their first kiss — in an elevator during season 15’s sixth episode — before becoming a couple. 

Dr. Kim and Dr. Schmitt’s relationship become a significant part of the show’s drama as the two navigate working together and integrating their personal and professional lives. Unfortunately, the constant tension proves too much for the two doctors.

In the sixteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy, the couple ends their relationship. Dr. Schmitt opens up to his then-boyfriend, saying he’s tired of always having to ask for what he wants and explaining that he needs someone who’s willing to make sacrifices for him. Dr. Kim responds, saying that he hopes Dr. Schmitt can find someone who can do that one day.

Fans didn’t like the breakup and continue to dislike Dr. Kim

ALEX LANDI as Nico on 'Grey's Anatomy'
ALEX LANDI as Nico on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

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“The Nico and Levi break up scene was so badly written and anti-climactic,” complained one fan on Twitter. “Nico is an [expletive]…the constant disrespect he shows Levi,” complained another Twitter user.

Years after their breakup, Grey’s Anatomy audiences still have strong feelings about the Dr. Kim character, and even about Landi as an actor himself. “This guy is a terrible actor,” writes one Reddit user. “He’s basically a statue and I don’t get why he is in the show. No range, no emotion. A grapefruit would do a better job!” 

Numerous other audience members on the social media network piled on in the comments. One person said “I literally hate Nico,” while another person tried to give Landi the benefit of the doubt. “I never really thought about the actor being bad,” writers Reddit user Living-Purple-8004. “I just thought the character was so bad. But you’re not wrong.”

Interestingly, Landi was relatively new to acting when he landed the role of Dr. Kim, and he wasn’t a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy before joining the show. “The 26-year-old actually didn’t grow up envisioning acting — let alone acting on one of TV’s most popular shows,” reports Entertainment Weekly. “He wasn’t a Grey’s Anatomy superfan — but he’s a quick learner.”

Landi tells the outlet that he “did a lot of research on the characters and their various relationships,” but that “it’s hard to catch up when there’s been 20-something episodes a season for 14 seasons.”