‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Fans Think Jerrika Hinton Would Have Made a Better Jo Than Camilla Luddington

For a show that’s been ongoing for almost two decades, it’s no surprise that some beloved actors would eventually outgrow Grey’s Anatomy.

Throughout the series, fans have had to say goodbye to some of their favorite characters on the show.

Some fan-favorite characters were killed off or written out with a mention here and there. In 2017 Grey’s Anatomy was renewed for its 15th season with one doctor down. Jerrika Hinton, who joined the show as Dr. Stephanie Edwards in 2012, left the show to pursue other avenues.

While the doctor has been gone for almost five years now, fans can’t help but wonder if the writers didn’t use Hinton’s talents effectively. Some fans now think that Hinton would have delivered the character of Jo Wilson better than Camilla Luddington.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Jo had a traumatic life

JERRIKA HINTON | Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

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Grey’s Anatomy is known for dealing with personal loss and trauma head-on. Fans have witnessed their favorite characters deal with explosions, shootings and even plane crashes throughout the show. Jo Wilson is one of the characters whose life has had its fair share of ups and downs.

At the age of four, Jo’s mother abandoned her at a fire station. Jo moved around in foster homes until she was 16 and began living out of her car. Her teacher Ms. Schmidt would allow her to come into school early to do her laundry and take a shower.

Jo worked hard through school and graduated high school valedictorian. She went to Princeton University and graduated cum laude. Jo then went to Harvard Medical School, graduating top of her class. Jo said that Ms. Schmidt was the only person at her graduation because she was the only person who supported Jo throughout.

Jo’s woes would only get worse once she got married. The doctor confided in fellow doctor Andrew DeLuca that she was a victim of domestic abuse. She told DeLuca that buying the wrong thing would earn her a beating. Jo said that she eventually got tired of the abuse and fled to Seattle, where her husband would never find her. She also confessed that her real name was Brooke Stadler and not Jo Wilson.

Fans think Hinton would have been a better fit

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Since 2012, actress Camila Luddington has delivered a moving portrayal of Jo Wilson. While Luddington’s portrayal of Jo has been nothing if not flawless, fans think another former Grey’s Anatomy star would have done an even better job with the character.

In a recent Reddit conversation, one fan brought up how they felt the show’s writers didn’t use Hinton fully. The fan said that they felt that Luddington wasn’t the perfect candidate to play Jo. The fan defended their opinion by saying that Luddington didn’t have the acting chops to pull off the stories and traumatic experiences given to her.

The fan said that they feel Luddington would have played Leah better and would have made the character more likable despite being a minor character on the show. The fan said that Hinton would have given Jo’s character more depth since she had better chemistry with other actors on set and knew how to deliver emotional scenes better than Luddington.

Fans have their opinions on who should have played whom on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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While still on the opinion of interchanging characters on Grey’s Anatomy, fans acknowledged that Sandra Oh played Cristina Yang down to the tee but would have loved to see how she would have delivered the stern Miranda Bailey.

Fans also had various suggestions on who they thought Ellen Pompeo would have played better. Some fans would have loved to see her portray Addison, while others believe she could have brought Jo to the screen better since Kate Walsh’s portrayal of Addison was impeccable, and no one could ever pull it off better than her.