‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Are Using ‘Bridgerton’ to Point Out the Worst Flaw in Alex Karev’s Exit

Grey’s Anatomy has had a long reign in television, and it has been nothing but successful over the years.

Sure, it has its controversial moments like any great series with millions of dedicated viewers, but it eventually powers through and makes up for it with another great character and storyline. There’s one ending, however, that fans are having a difficult time getting past.

Alex Karev, a long-time and highly adored role on the show, has now said his goodbyes to Grey’s fans — in the worst way possible. To make a point, fans are using Bridgerton to demonstrate the worst flaw in the beloved character’s exit. 

Alex Karev’s role in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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Karev has had more ups and downs in Grey’s Anatomy than you can imagine — with some fans unable to forgive him for the ‘worst’ thing he has ever done, although most agree he is still on their good list.

He started as an immature and womanizing surgical intern at Grace Hospital alongside the show’s original cast. Karev often made problematic decisions in his personal life and questioned himself in his professional life, but that all started to figure itself out as he grew as a person and started to take things more seriously. After a lot of hard work and commitment, the once ‘plastic surgeon’ to-be became a resident and pediatric surgeon.  

He’s widely known for his long-time romance with Izzie, but since her exit, his relationship with Jo is what many fans contribute to some of his major positive changes.

Karev’s controversial exit from the show

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Karev has been a staple character alongside leading lady Meredith Grey since day one (and her best friend). For this reason, Grey’s Anatomy fans felt blindsided by his improper exit, and this is why. 

In a series of flashbacks and letters, Karev says goodbye and explains his reasons for leaving to some of his closest colleagues in season 16, episode 16’s “Leave a Light On.” It turns out he is with his first wife, Izzie, who exited the show a while ago due to cancer. In an even bigger turn of events, he’s also with their five-year-old twins — Alexis and Eli — who he didn’t know existed until recently.

Most notably, he tells Meredith in a letter that he doesn’t want to face her in person and be set straight because “the one perfect thing isn’t in Seattle — not anymore.”

And then there is his goodbye to his current wife Jo, in which he tells her, “It’s about me Jo, it’s not about you. I love you, Jo.” He says it’s because of his kids.

How ‘Bridgerton’ can point out the worst flaw in Karev’s exit

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With the help of Bridgerton, one Reddit fan points out exactly what’s wrong with Karev’s exit being because he wanted to be with Izzie and his kids. 

“Duke of Hastings won’t be returning to Bridgerton for the second season, but his character will remain off-screen. That doesn’t mean Daphne is less of a character without her man. And he’s not actually far. He’s just not going to be around her brother’s love life.”

Meaning it is possible to have his family with Izzie while still being on the show — which is why fans say Grey’s Anatomy had their ‘out’ with him working at another hospital and should’ve just kept him there. It’s not the story that’s the problem. It’s the excuse in a letter that has everyone shook after 15 years of development and growth.

Compared to other notable Grey’s Anatomy exits, Alex Karev’s is likely to go down in history as a ‘could’ve been’ scenario. Nonetheless, it’s a heartwarming ending for a character that has grown more than almost anyone on the show. Sometimes it is impossible to please everyone when it comes to removing a character that fans have spent almost two decades falling in love with.