‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Want Jo Written Off the Show Before Season 17 Ends

Grey’s Anatomy might be the story of Meredith Grey, but it’s evolved into an ensemble series in which dozens of memorable characters have come and gone. Jo entered as a potential love interest for Alex Karev, and while their journey was a wild ride, Karev’s departure left her in the dust.

Now, fans want Jo to follow suit, as they see her character losing everything they loved before she lost the love of her life. 

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Who is Jo?

CAMILLA LUDDINGTON | Gilles Mingasson/ABC via Getty Images

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According to Fandom, Camilla Luddington’s Dr. Jo Wilson entered Grey Sloan Memorial in the ninth season. Starting as a new surgeon, she weaved in and out of personal relationships while making her way through professional hardships, too. She hit it off with Karev, however, and sparks flew. With Karev by her side, Jo made it through her first divorce, found her birth mother, and suffered through depression by his side. 

However, after Karev found out that Izzie, his former partner played by Katherine Heigl, was living with some kids that he didn’t know he had, Jo was left in the dust, once again. Now, fans feel that the long-time staple is losing some of her magic. As such, many see it as a perfect opportunity to move on.

Fans want Jo to go

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Fans on Reddit spoke about their disgust for Jo’s arc. U/TotalFox2 started things off by stating that they would like to see Jo move on, writing, “She could explore Urology at Catherine’s hospitals and could move on, as right now she no longer serves any purpose, and I’m pretty sure nobody is interested in watching a Meredith-Hayes-Jo love triangle.”

The sentiment was repeated several times for many similar reasons. Many see her as a lost cause in the show whose welcome is overdue. U/Vanderpump_rules1 thinks that her story ended when Alex left so suddenly.

“[Jo] just doesn’t do anything for me anymore when she was with Alex that was really her only purpose. They literally brought Jo on for Alex to have a love interest after Izzie.”

U/yeahmatenomate wants to see Jo given the type of powerful presence that she had early on before the makers made her role as good as the person she was in a relationship with. 

“I also really appreciated Jo and Teddy’s friendship for some reason at the end of last season so I hope that gets reinstated eventually,” they wrote. “I don’t particularly like Jo but her friendships with Mere and Teddy were great. Teddy has potential to be amazing but in my opinion, her ships have sailed with both Owen and Tom. Make her go back to the badass doctor she was in S6-9.”

Whatever the fans think, however, Jo shows no signs of leaving Seattle anytime soon. In a show with so much turnover, she’s one of the longest-running cast members, and while most people besides Ellen Pompeo and Chandra Wilson leave the show eventually, Jo might be here to stay. 

What is next for Jo on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? 

As Refinery29 notes, Jo is still picking up the pieces of her broken marriage, she has an opportunity to spread her wings and make sure that she’s not defined by Alex. However,  the writers and creators have to allow her to do so. For the time being, Jo is still figuring out what’s next after her second husband left her for his former fling.

On top of that, the doctor had a change of heart after performing a childbirth and getting the urge to switch to that line of work.  Whatever happens now, however, the series have to find a way to win her back with fans. Otherwise,  they might be wise to let her go the way of so many people before.