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Giacomo Gianniotti
Giacomo Gianniotti | Rich Polk/Getty Images for POPSUGAR

Grey’s Anatomy star Giacomo Gianniotti speaks Italian on the hit medical drama series. His character, Andrew DeLuca, is a resident at Grey Sloan Memorial. In recent scenes, we have seen him speak Italian, but can the actor speak the language in real life?

Giacomo Gianniotti plays DeLuca on Grey’s Anatomy

For some background, DeLuca has been a character on Grey’s Anatomy since Season 11. Gianniotti was quickly promoted to series regular in Season 12. He has had numerous love interests, but his current one is the lead character of the show, Meredith Grey.

DeLuca and Meredith shared a sexy elevator scene

Audiences have heard Gianniotti speak Italian on the series before, but the most notable instance came in the Season 15 Winter Premiere. While trapped in an elevator together, DeLuca tells Meredith about his past, but chooses to do so in Italian, assuming she doesn’t know the language. But as it turns out, Meredith speaks Italian, and she understands every word. They share a steamy kiss.

Does Gianniotti actually speak Italian?

Gianniotti didn’t have to learn Italian for Grey’s Anatomy. Like his character, he was born in Italy but grew up in North America. However, Italian is his first language. In fact, on Instagram, he often double-captions his post, including an Italian translation in them for his fans in Italy.

The DeLuca siblings on set

Prior to learning about Meredith being bilingual, DeLuca had a few scenes in which he was able to converse with another coworker in Italian. Andrew’s sister, Carina DeLuca, worked at Grey Sloan for a short time, and some of their scenes involved bickering in their native tongue.

“Having another Italian on set has been so cool. We speak Italian in between takes and when we catch up,” Gianniotti said of the actress who portrayed Carina, Stefania Spampinato. He added, “the writers have also been so gracious in writing scenes where we’re speaking in Italian and arguing in Italian, which fans have really enjoyed, so that’s been fun for me and her as well.”

Will Meredith end up with DeLuca?

Meredith and DeLuca’s relationship has been building throughout Season 15. DeLuca was crushing on the eponymous doc for a while before admitting his feelings to her. After the elevator incident, she continued pursuing Link, a new ortho attending who had asked her out prior, but it looks like that ship has officially sailed now: At the end of “Girlfriend in a Coma,” Meredith stood Link up to spend Valentine’s Day with DeLuca, and they kissed on the hospital rooftop. Things are definitely on for MereLuca.

A new character

Of course, Meredith has a long way to go before she really lets someone else into her life. She has three children and has been hesitant about introducing them to anyone since their father, Derek Shepherd, passed. And now it looks like there’s going to be another wrench in the plan.

Early in the series, Derek told Meredith that he had four sisters. We’ve met three of them: There’s Amelia, a neurosurgeon who is currently a Grey’s Anatomy regular; Nancy, an OB-GYN, who appeared in an episode in Season 3; and Liz, also a doctor, who shows up for two episodes in Season 9 for a medical procedure to help her brother. Now, Kathleen, a psychiatrist, is supposedly on her way, and it will be interesting to see how she feels about her sister-in-law moving on.

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