‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Healthcare Workers Share the Most Unrealistic Things About the Hit Hospital Drama

Grey’s Anatomy is much loved by fans, but that doesn’t mean it’s realistic. Like with most medical dramas, the staff at Grey Sloan Memorial seem to have an unbelievable amount of bad luck. They’re constantly getting into car accidents, plane accidents, and developing all kinds of rare cancer. But it’s not just the outrageous plots that fans find unbelievable.

Doctors and nurses on 'Grey's Anatomy' looking at x rays
Grey’s Anatomy | Tony Rivetti/Getty Images

The medical community often laughs at some of the misconceptions about hospital life seen on Grey’s Anatomy.  In a recent Reddit thread, healthcare workers discussed the most unrealistic aspects of Grey Sloan Memorial. 

The hospital staff on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ are always doing it

Yes, Grey’s Anatomy is a television show. There’s generally more romance on television than in real life, no matter the genre. The romance keeps fans interested, engaged, and wanting more. But no real hospital has as much hanky panky as Grey Sloan. As one Redditor wrote, “It’s gross and unprofessional to be doing it at your place of work, let alone a hospital and in reality, most are too fatigued.”

Not only do real-life doctors not hook up as much as the docs on Grey’s, but there are some power issues in the relationships. A resident with an attending, or a nurse with a doctor, would be extra unprofessional. And working at a hospital is tiring.

Hospital staff often works long shifts, and they’re on their feet the entire time. In general, most doctors are probably too tired to bang one out in the on-call room. When they do, they probably use protection. Redditors also scoff at the idea of so many accidental pregnancies among highly educated doctors. 

Most hospitals don’t have a magical, 24/7 daycare that is able to take unlimited children

All the sex Grey’s characters have leads to lots of babies. For some reason, the Grey’s staff seems to have skipped the part of medical school where they go over birth control. It’s unlikely that doctors would be unable to figure out how to prevent these happy accidents, but on Grey’s, it’s not really a problem.

That’s because the hospital has a magical, 24/7 daycare facility. Somehow new parents never need to register their children, and the daycare facility always has space, no matter how little notice they’re given. 

One Redditor said of the facility, “It’s a room in the middle of the hospital that takes kids of all ages, operates round the clock, does school pickups, and seemingly will take any kid at zero notice.”

This daycare facility does not exist anywhere in the world, much less at a hospital. While many hospitals and healthcare facilities provide daycare facilities for their staff, they’re not this perfect. 

Doctors are actually hard to come by in the ER

Grey’s features a lot of shots of doctors pushing around gurneys, running to meet ambulances, and generally doing the kind of patient care that real doctors don’t do. Doctors definitely don’t push stretchers in hospitals, that’s done by paramedics or other ancillary staff.

Doctors don’t meet ambulances in the bay unless maybe there was some sort of catastrophe they were warned about before. Most doctors don’t see their ER patients until they have been triaged and seen by the nurse. Doctors just don’t see their ER patients right away.


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According to one Redditor, “I mean if they are even anywhere near the patient for the first 15 minutes of their arrival is even a stretch.” All-star surgeons are also not usually wandering around the ER, just looking for patients to help. Despite how thing seem on Grey’s, surgeons aren’t usually in the ER at all. One Redditor wrote, “Top surgeons are rarely in the ER and you can’t just casually get one.”