‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Hides Messages in the Backgrounds of Certain Shots Throughout the Series

If you’re an avid fan of the longtime ABC primetime show Grey’s Anatomy, you know that every single detail matters in the show. Grey’s Anatomy is one series you can’t afford to blink while watching because you might miss exciting moments.

Sometimes it’s inevitable to miss some things, and that’s where other fans step in to enlighten the rest. They’ve pointed out there are hidden messages in the background of certain shots.

Little things on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ matter

When you are watching Grey’s Anatomy, you can’t afford to lose your concentration because you’ll miss key moments. Some parts of the show are related, while there’s also foreshadowing.

Take, for example, the first episode of Season 5. Meredith Grey is having nightmares of Derek Shepherd dying from injuries sustained in a car accident. Fast-forward to Season 11, and Shepherd dies from a complication related to a car accident.

Another detail you might’ve missed is in the background of the 300th episode. There are replicas of characters George O’Malley, Izzie Stevens, and Cristina Yang. Interestingly, they’re wearing the same clothes the original characters wore during the pilot episode. 

There are many other interesting things you can notice. If you’re a fan and have never spotted them, pay close attention to what’s going on around and behind the character to spot the hidden messages.

Where is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ filmed?

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Many fans know Grey’s Anatomy is set in Seattle. But many don’t know where the show is filmed. Los Angeles Magazine gives the inside scoop on where scenes have been shot.

According to the magazine, most of the show is filmed in Southern California. The scenes at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are filmed at the medical facility Veterans Administration Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Centre, located in North Hills. The medical facility’s south side is used for shots of Grey Sloan Memorial. Joe’s bar, which is located in L.A. on-set, is modeled after the former McMurphy’s Restaurant & Tavern, at 72 N. Fair Oaks Ave. in Pasadena.

The only exceptions are Dr. Meredith Grey’s house and the hospital’s rooftop helipad, which are shot in Seattle.

The crew is learning how to adjust to Covid-19 while bringing it on TV

Spoiler alert for those who’ve yet to watch the 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy: The show’s characters have to face the global pandemic. Esquire breaks down how the production team is dealing with Covid-19 while covering the pandemic on the show.

Measures being taken include testing the crew regularly, requiring the production team to work in shifts, and limiting the number of people on the set. Excitement is building about how the show will deal with the virus.

The hidden messages in the background of certain shots

Avid fans of the show are keen to notice even minor details. So, it seems the cameramen will have to be more diligent when taking shots.

An interesting fact, though, is they successfully hid the pregnancies of two actors. Ellen Pompeo and Jessica Capshaw, who portray Meredith and Arizona, were pregnant but their characters weren’t. So the crew found ways to conceal their baby bumps.

Despite the cameramen’s skills, fans can still spot hidden messages in certain shots. One example is some writing on Meredith’s locker. Fans on Reddit described the message as a “peculiar reminder.” They also thought it was hilarious. One fan wrote, “Yeah, I saw this the second time re-watching the series and laughed for ten minutes.”

It’s interesting to think the message might’ve been intentional. “I was wondering if a cast or staff member put it as a prank,” another fan commented in the Reddit thread.

The message might not be a one-time thing but a regular occurrence on Gray’s Anatomy. “Apparently, they do things like that a lot. I think it is a running joke between the cast and crew if I remember correctly,” yet another fan said in the Reddit discussion.

Discussions such as the one above show that you should look at the background closely if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan. You might find an entertaining or enlightening message.