Grey’s Anatomy’: In Just 1 Episode, Meredith’s Potential Love Interest Did What DeLuca Never Could

It’s always tough when a fan favorite leaves your favorite television show. The show doesn’t seem quite the same without them. Sometimes the show’s creators will try to bring in a replacement, which usually results in fans just hating that new character. 

Grey’s Anatomy fans experienced this when Patrick Dempsey’s character, Derek Shepherd, left the show in season 11. Since then, several men have come and gone without being the right match for Meredith Grey. Her latest love interest, Andrew DeLuca, isn’t winning anyone over yet, and some fans say that a brief love interest from Season 14 outshines him.

Fans hated to see ‘McDreamy’ go, but wanted this guy to stick around

Scott Speedman, who played Dr. Nick Marsh, and Ellen Pompeo on the set of Grey’s Anatomy | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Derek Shepherd’s death was undoubtedly one of the toughest moments for Grey’s Anatomy fans. The beloved “McDreamy” had charisma and charm that few men can muster — and that hair. That hair alone was enough to make women swoon. Sadly, Derek met his demise after a horrific run-in with the tractor-trailer. 

Although no one could possibly fill Derek’s shoes, fans wanted to see their heroine happy again. They thought she might find a happy ending when the handsome Nathan Riggs (played by Martin Henderson) showed up. A sweet romance just wasn’t in the cards for Mer, though. Nathan left when he found out that his former girlfriend, who had gone missing years ago, was alive. 

Since then, there haven’t been too many serious love interests in Meredith’s life. Fans recently struck up a conversation on Reddit regarding a charming patient that could have been the perfect fit for the ill-fated Meredith Grey. 

In Season 14, Dr. Nick Marsh, a transplant surgeon, comes out of a surgery and collapses on the floor. Meredith rushes to the rescue, learning that Nick just recently had a kidney transplant of his own. Over the course of just one episode, the two learn a great deal about each other. Nick is incredibly inquisitive and asks Meredith about her family, her work, and her dreams. 

Fans absolutely loved the chemistry between the two surgeons, and completely expected to see Nick return in future episodes. They were shocked and disappointed when he was never on the show again. 

Redditors agree that Nick would have been ideal for Meredith: “Out of all the men that have been around since Derek, I personally thought he was IDEAL for Meredith, he reminded me of Derek so much,” one commenter wrote. “Cool, calm and charming but nowhere near as arrogant. Shame he didn’t stick around.” 

No one is buying Meredith and DeLuca

Shortly after Meredith’s encounter with Nick, the show’s creators decided it was time for her to try again. At the end of Season 14, Meredith and Andrew DeLuca kiss at Jo and Alex’s wedding. The kiss happened when DeLuca was considerably drunk, so fans weren’t really sure what to expect after that interesting season finale. 

When Season 15 premiered, it was clear that DeLuca was intent on pursuing Meredith. She had another new suitor that season as well — Atticus Lincoln (Link), the new head of orthopedic surgery. Meredith eventually chose DeLuca, to the surprise of many Grey’s fans. 

No matter how hard the creative team pushes Mer and DeLuca, most of the fans just aren’t buying it. First of all, there’s a huge age difference. That wouldn’t normally be a big deal, but Meredith usually goes for older men. So, by her typical standards, DeLuca would be FAR too young for her. 

Second, they have zero chemistry. One Redditor described them as seeming more like mother and son, while another said “She is more like his babysitter and when they get intimate I keep expecting the parents to walk in. Their maturity levels are worlds apart.”

Another problem that fans have with DeLuca? He doesn’t seem to be all that interested in being a father figure for Meredith’s kids. If they were just having a fling, it wouldn’t matter. However, fans feel that any guy that’s around for the long haul should be ready to act like a father for those kids, and DeLuca doesn’t seem ready for that. 

What’s in store for Meredith in Season 17?


‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Will Meredith Grey Die in Season 17? Here’s What’s Wrong and What to Expect Moving Forward

Right now, Season 17 has primarily focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all know, Grey’s Anatomy loves to put Meredith through the wringer, and this season is no different. Of course, she is bedridden, and possibly dying from the virus. Her love life has taken a back seat, though Grey’s fans are curious how the DeLuca vs. Dr. Cormac “McWidow” Hayes will turn out.

Meredith may be circling the drain, and has spent much of her time dreaming of a beach where she sees some of her dead loved ones. Fans went crazy when Derek showed up on said beach earlier this season. He was in the show for about 10 seconds, and that’s probably about all we’ll see of him (although people are holding out hope that he’ll show up again). 

We’ll probably return to Meredith’s beach a few more times before we find out if she survives this latest trauma. There are a few people left that could possibly visit that beach, including her mother and sister. The biggest question on most fans’ minds is whether this is the end for the tough-as-nails Meredith Grey.