‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Alum Kate Walsh Makes Iconic Tribute to Meredith and Derek’s Reunion

ABC’s long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy brought Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) back together two weeks in a row. While the reunion was epic, Kate Walsh, who portrayed Derek’s ex-wife, Addison Montgomery, had an iconic reaction. 

'Grey's Anatomy' Kate Walsh and Patrick Dempsey
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ stars Kate Walsh and Patrick Demsey | Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: A quick recap of the Derek-Meredith-Addison love triangle

“Pick me. Choose me. Love me.” Meredith uttered the six words fans would never forget in Grey’s Anatomy Season 2. The love triangle between Derek, Meredith, and Addison is the one that started it all. When Meredith was a young surgical intern at the hospital and fell in love with the head of neurosurgery, fans thought it was slightly inappropriate.

'Grey's Anatomy' stars Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Kate Walsh
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ stars Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Kate Walsh | Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

However, little did viewers know that Derek was married. During the season 1 finale, fans met Addison Shepherd with her unforgettable line.

“And you must be the woman who’s been screwing my husband,” she said to Meredith. 

During season 2, McDreamy and Addison tried to make things work. However, in the end, he went back to Meredith. The two realized they were endgame throughout the rest of Dempsey’s run on the show. Addison went to the spinoff Private Practice and found her love, Jake (Benjamin Bratt).

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ alum Kate Walsh shares her feelings on Derek’s return

When Meredith and Derek reunited on Grey’s Anatomy, even Kate Walsh had something to say about it. In the season 17 premiere, Meredith spoke to her dead husband on a beach while she was unconscious. After the show aired, Pompeo and Dempsey shared plenty of photos on social media of the reunion.

“Gal, u already know how Addie would’ve reacted to this,” Walsh tweeted with photos of Derek and Meredith. “Sending so much love from overseas to @EllenPompeo & @PatrickDempsey on their internet-breaking reunion.”


Walsh added a photo of Addison Montgomery giving a side-eye to the couple with her reunion image. Although she ended Private Practice married to Jake, the actor is implying that Addie still wouldn’t be happy to see her ex-husband with Meredith.

Fans disagree with Walsh’s comment about Addison

Grey’s Anatomy fans believe that Addison is in love with her husband, Jake, so that she wouldn’t send dirty looks to her ex. 

“Nah, Addison would be happy for them, lol,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “She’s happy with Jake.”

'Private Practice' Kate Walsh and Benjamin Bratt
‘Private Practice’ Kate Walsh and Benjamin Bratt | Kelsey McNeal / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

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Other fans agree that Addie would be happy to see the couple reunite. They also beg for her to make an appearance on the show this season.

“She was one of my least favorites at first and became one of my favs,” added another fan.

Although Walsh is overseas, viewers point out that they could see her making an appearance via video chat.