‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Meredith and George Hooking Up Still Makes People Cringe

Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t hold back when it comes to awkward relationships. Fans have been puzzled by more than one couple, and wonder what characters were thinking when they hooked up. No one has received more backlash for an ill-advised relationship than Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and George O’Malley (T. R. Knight).

The pair only shared one night together. It was so bad, however, that it left a lasting impression on many fans who still cringe over it. Just when things began to die down, George’s recent reappearance on the show has brought back some of those feelings. 

Meredith and George were never meant to be

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From episode one of Grey’s Anatomy, everyone knew that George was in love with Meredith. Everyone also knew that she just saw him as a friend. Truth be told, if the pair hadn’t worked and lived together, she probably wouldn’t have given George the time of day since she doesn’t tend to associate with people who aren’t directly in front of her.

George still choose to pursue Meredith, however, and tried to express his feelings on several occasions. While Meredith never directly acknowledged he had feelings for her, she actively avoided listening to him when he was clearly trying to express how he felt.

That changed in season two, after Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) broke up with Meredith so that he could work on his marriage with his wife. Meredith was in a vulnerable position, and decided to confront her father who she hadn’t seen since she was a child. 

Meredith was struggling to hold it together when George approached her, and the pair slept together. It was one of the most cringe worthy moments on Grey’s Anatomy as Meredith burst into tears and George stormed out.

Everyone on the show took George’s side, and implied that Meredith had hurt him. Fans on Reddit weren’t so sure this was the case, however, and feel that George took advantage of Meredith.

Fans on Reddit were furious about how the relationship was handled

ELLEN POMPEO | Kelsey McNeal/ABC via Getty Images

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The discussion on Reddit sounded off with, “Does anyone else physically cringe so hard when Meredith and George get it on in season 2? I literally can’t bare to watch it.”

Another fan was quick to respond with, “It is literally the only scene in the show that I always skip over on a rewatch. Other cringey ones I skip over occasionally, but this one… nope, can’t watch it.”

Many fans are 100% on Meredith’s side, and can’t believe how she was treated after the fact. Still others think that the pair were equally at fault for the whole situation.

One fan wrote, “They were both EQUALLY responsible for sleeping together. If it disturbed her so much that she cried, she should have said no and stopped. George should have respected how upset she was and stopped. Neither was a villain & neither was innocent.”

Meredith got to speak to George one last time

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As hard as it was to watch, Meredith did get to speak to George one last time. In a recent episode, George appeared to Meredith in a dream while she was unconscious.

George essentially urged Meredith to live, and pointed out that her kids would not be OK without her.

George wasn’t the only one who Meredith saw while unconscious. She also saw her husband Derek Shepherd, who was killed after being hit by a truck. It’s clear that Meredith still hasn’t moved on from losing her loved ones, but this might help give her some closure that she never got before.