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Over the course of Grey’s Anatomy, many of the beloved medical staff members became patients themselves. The person with the highest number of hospitalizations is Meredith Grey. In the recent season, some people speculated if she was going to die

Given Meredith’s track record, her fate does not seem too bleak. Fans have gone back and recounted all the accidents she has experienced so far. Several of them are quite notable, but she remains alive. 

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Meredith almost died from drowning

ELLEN POMPEO | Ron Batzdorff via Getty Images

Meredith has gone through many trials and tribulations. It would seem that she gets hurt at least once every season. On Reddit, fans list the character’s most significant accidents. One of them is a drowning incident that occurred at a site of a ferry boat accident in season three. 

After stabilizing a patient’s wound, the man pushes Meredith into Elliot Bay out of panic. Luckily, Derek Shepard dives in to rescue her. Meredith appears unresponsive and lifeless. At first, she does not respond to attempts to revive her, and the character even flatlines. 

Through sheer luck, Meredith manages to recover from the event. The odd thing about this plotline is that Derek knows Meredith is a decent swimmer. The drowning accident is pretty dramatic, especially since she almost does not make it. However, the accident-prone Meredith has other incidents that are likely more thrilling. 

“I think there’s something wrong if a medical worker doesn’t receive free healthcare as a work bonus,” one person wrote on the Reddit thread. 

Meredith is still alive after a plane crash

Another life-threatening situation in Grey’s Anatomy is a plane crash that Meredith endures. Of course, she is not the only one on the aircraft. Toward the end of her residency, Meredith, Derek, Mark, and a couple of others board a plane. The group is on their way to help with a conjoined twin case before the aircraft crashes. 

Two of the characters died, and the others suffered from severe injuries. Of course, Meredith survives the whole ordeal, and some people might chalk it up to a main protagonist’s plot armor. Some fans might be amazed that Meredith is still alive after 17 seasons. 

“I think Maggie is the only one among the main cast who still hasn’t been hospitalized,” another user commented. 

After a few days in the woods, Meredith and the others get airlifted to the hospital for treatment. No other character would be able to beat the number of times she ended up a patient. In real life, any insurance company would deem her a “high risk.” 

COVID-19 and other reasons Meredith became a patient


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Season 17 premiered in 2020, and it addressed the COVID-19 situation occurring around the world. The staff at Grey Sloan Memorial are handling dozens of cases of the coronavirus. Viewers watched as Meredith passed out in a parking lot. As it turns out, she got infected with the virus. 

It should not be too surprising since Meredith has been working around plenty of infected patients.  

Some fans likely began to worry about her safety since many healthcare workers have passed away because of COVID-19. Others might not be too concerned due to her surviving other accidents. 

Meredith lived through a bombing, an attack from a patient, and an ambulance crash. The protagonist suffered from a miscarriage and developed glaucoma due to fertility drugs. Meredith also was a patient when she gave birth to Ellis. 

“A lot of them would be considered workers comp, so her insurance wouldn’t have had to pay anything,” a person wrote on the Grey’s Anatomy subreddit. Hopefully, Meredith is making use of those employee benefits as well.