‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Never Should Have Brought Teddy Back

Kim Raver debuted in the Grey’s Anatomy show in season 6 as a cardiothoracic and trauma surgeon.  Later in season 8, she leaves indefinitely for Germany to work in the Army Medical Command.

Raver, who is referred to as Teddy Atman on the show, later returned on the show in season 14. However, her return displeases her fans, who are quite infuriated with her character when she returns.  A fan commented on Reddit the following; ”Despite having other fascinating storylines, we only had to get Teddy back!”

Teddy and Owen’s dysfunctional relationship

In Grey’s Anatomy, there is a lot of assumptions about Teddy and Owen’s relationship.  The sparkle between the two is quite pronounced in season 14; Owen even follows Teddy to Germany. Their intimate relationship is almost predictable, but the accidental conceiving of a baby is something the fans didn’t quite expect. 

Although at first, the relationship seems healthy, things later turn sour on the two medics. Balancing between handling a toddler and an involving medical career becomes quite challenging for the two.

Later Teddy finds out that Amelia might have conceived Owen’s baby, which definitely wrecks her. In the strange turn of events, Teddy ends up confiding in her ex-boyfriend, Tom Koracick

Teddy and Tom’s connection is obvious, and the two end up having an affair behinds Owen’s back.  Later on, Teddy learns that the baby Amelia is carrying is not Owen’s, and she blames herself for having an affair.

Teddy’s relationship with Allison

KIM RAVER | Christopher Willard via Getty Images

In the episode “Love of My Life,” the Grey’s Anatomy show clearly reveals that Teddy is a peculiar woman.  The back story on this episode portrays that Teddy was romantically involved with Allison, who later died in the terror attacks. 

Coincidentally the love triangle between Allison and Teddy has some similarities to that of Teddy and Owen. In both relationships, three people are involved; in her first relationship, Claire was involved, while in the second, Tom is also involved.   

In the same episode, we also learn that Teddy actually named her child after her lover, Allison.  Fans think it’s weird and wrong naming her child after her allegedly best friend without informing Owen about the romantic involvement and attachment.

Teddy cheats on Owen


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Fans can forgive Teddy for portraying impropriety in the show, but having an affair on the wedding eve is inexcusable. Making it worse, she accidentally recorded a voicemail during the intimate sessions for Owen. So, you can imagine the frustration Owen had to face before the proposed wedding on overhearing the encounter.

After having an affair, Teddy proceeded unapologetically and put on her wedding dress, awaiting her big moment, the wedding. The turn of events is ridiculous, and her character made fans displeased by her lack of empathy about Owen’s feelings.

In season 17, Owen confronts Teddy about the affair. In the uneasy conversation, Owen asks if there is anything she is hiding from him; he further professes that he trusts her and loves her. In this episode, we see that their relationship and friendship matters more to Owen, but Teddy is unbothered and continues to lie and have an affair.

As expected, Teddy denies hiding anything from Owen despite him probing for answers. Owen then takes out his phone and plays the sex voicemail Teddy accidentally left for him. Teddy is startled upon the revelation that Owen knows the truth. 

She is confused about handling the situation, and the teary Owen leaves the room. Redeeming the dysfunctional relationship is almost impossible.