‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Richard Ending Up with Catherine Still Makes No Sense

It’s natural for a TV show to feature unlikely pairings or introduce plotlines that stretch the limits of credibility. On Grey’s Anatomy, there are plenty of instances of both of these things happening. Take the relationship of Richard and Catherine, for example. Many fans of the show don’t see the pair as a good fit and have made their voices heard about it. 

Let’s take a closer look at what fans think of their relationship and why they believe it doesn’t make much sense. 

How Richard and Catherine got together on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

DEBBIE ALLEN, JAMES PICKENS JR. | Christopher Willard via Getty Images

According to the show’s wiki, Catherine Fox (formerly Avery) and Richard Webber began their courtship by flirting. Richard was still married, but his wife had Alzheimer’s and no longer remembered him. They eventually hook up. Sadly, Richard’s wife passes away, and the two later date and get married. Their marriage experiences plenty of turbulent times. They separate but have found a way to reconcile after much deliberation by both sides. It’s one of the show’s more up-and-down relationships. 

Fans couldn’t believe Richard ended up with Catherine

Grey’s Anatomy fans discussed Catherine’s overall character arc on a Reddit thread, and they were not complimentary. Labeling her adjectives such as “abusive” and “vindictive,” the original poster said they thought the character was poorly written. That’s a tough criticism, of course – the character isn’t necessarily meant to be adored. But she does have plenty of toxic elements that fans don’t care for. 

One follow-up post on the thread commented about one fan’s disbelief that creator Shonda Rimes put Richard and Catherine together: 

“I honestly think despite how flawed Richard is he deserved way better. I get why she was cast and made that way though, because it’s getting an extreme reaction from me which is the whole point of a drama show but damn! Did Shona have to go that hard?!”

Another person chimed in to echo that statement: 

“Agreed. Can’t believe this is who Richard ended up with after everything he’s been through.”

It’s a tough criticism of the show. Having all the characters be likable wouldn’t be realistic (or interesting, frankly), and people often end up in toxic or bad relationships in real life. But comments like these are a clear sign that fans do not care for Catherine. 

Many fans wish Catherine would leave the show

Further down in the thread, another poster commented that they were hoping for a harsh exit for Catherine (and, if necessary, Richard as well): 

“I’m at the point where I’m actively hoping they kill off Richard just so we can also get rid of her. But if they want to directly off her, I’m good with that too.”

This might be a commentary on what fans of the show really want, which is a show full of 100% honorable, likable characters.

Catherine isn’t that – she’s more complex and challenging. She has positive qualities but they often seemed to be overwhelmed by the negative ones. But without characters like her, would the other characters be as interesting? She serves as a contrast to beloved characters like Meredith. Life isn’t about liking everyone 100% of the time, and good drama is reflective of this. Catherine’s negative qualities help test Richard and other characters, giving them rich, fuller storylines. 

This strong dislike of Catherine is also a testament to the performance of the legendary Debbie Allen. The character is not meant to be liked. If she gets this strong of a reaction out of the show’s fans, that means Allen is doing her job well. Fans may want her to leave, but without characters like Catherine around to help test their favorite characters, the show may get dull. 

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