‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 17: Camilla Luddington Hints How April’s Return Impacts Jo and Jackson

When ABC confirmed April Kepner’s (Sarah Drew) return in Grey’s Anatomy Season 17, some fans wondered how her presence will impact Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) and Jackson Avery’s (Jesse Williams) current relationship. Then recently, Luddington dropped a clue about the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy episode — and the actor’s comments are interesting, to say the least. 

What happened to Jo Wilson, Jackson Avery, and April Kepner in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

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When April left Grey’s Anatomy in season 14, the character married her ex, Matthew Taylor (Justin Bruening). Now, April co-parents Harriet Kepner-Avery with Jackson in Seattle.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Jo are in a friends-with-benefits relationship in Grey’s Anatomy Season 17. That said, both parties aren’t ready for anything serious. Jo just divorced Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). 

Jackson also jumped into relationships with Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) and Station 19’s Vic Hughes (Barrett Doss) after his split with April. So now, Jackson wants to “take some time to sort things out.”

Sarah Drew will reportedly return as April Kepner in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 17?

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In March 2021, Deadline confirmed Drew’s return as April in Grey’s Anatomy Season 17. The publication revealed April was expected to appear in an “upcoming episode.” However, the details still remain largely unknown.

Meanwhile, Drew confirmed she does not appear in Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Episode 13, which will air on April 22. But whenever Drew comes back, it seems the actor has already filmed a few scenes with Williams. In March 2021, the actors behind Jackson and April posted on Instagram together.

On March 16, Williams filmed a video on his way to work. Then suddenly, Drew popped up. Then two days later, Drew shared a “Japril” teaser on the social media platform.

“It’s 4am. Do you know where your #japril is? #onset @ijessewilliams,” Drew wrote on Instagram.

Camilla Luddington teases what’s next for Jo Wilson, Jackson Avery, and April Kepner in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 17

Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson smiling in PPE in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 17
Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 17 | Richard Cartwright via Getty Images

While the details of April’s appearance in Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 have been kept under wraps, Luddington teased the character’s impact on Jo and Jackson in April 2021.

“How would I describe this without being completely fired? I would say that it sets things in motion,” Luddington told StyleCaster of April’s return. “That’s all I can say.”

Of course, the actor’s teaser could mean anything at this point. So Grey’s Anatomy fans will just have to watch what unfolds. But whatever the case, it seems Luddington doesn’t think Jo and Jackson will start anything serious anytime soon.

“I don’t think Jo needs to be jumping into anything,” Luddington said. “She’s just having fun with him in this dark period in her life and the world. It’s good for her exactly how it is.”

That said, Luddington previously admitted Jo and Jackson could make a “really good couple” on Grey’s Anatomy — just maybe not right now. 

“I actually think that they would be a really good couple,” Luddington told Entertainment Tonight in December 2020. “I think Jackson is a good guy, but I also want to see her play the field a little bit.”

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 airs Thursday nights on ABC.