‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 17 Finale: Camilla Luddington Has ‘No Clue What’s Happening’

As the Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 finale rapidly approaches, fans of the long-running medical drama grow nervous about the rumors that this is the last season ever. While that information remains under lock and key (for now), star Camilla Luddington shares what she’s learned about the upcoming episode.

Camilla Luddington stars as Jo in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson Karev on 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16
Camilla Luddington as Jo in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Gilles Mingasson/ABC via Getty Images

Luddington portrays Jo Wilson in Grey’s Anatomy. She began recurring in season 9 as an intern who gets to know pediatric surgeon Alex Karev. The pair goes from enemies to friends to lovers quickly, though their relationship experiences many ups and downs before Justin Chambers left in season 16.

The actor spoke with Stylecaster in April 2021 about how things for Jo have changed. “What I like about this season for her is this is the first season she’s thinking about what makes her and her alone happy,” Luddington explained, citing Jo’s friends-with-benefits situation and thoughts of changing her specialty.

Season 17 changed due to COVID-19

Jo isn’t the only character whose life changed a lot in Grey’s Anatomy Season 17. Season 16 was cut short due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and filming for season 17 resumed months later. Not only did this affect the length of both seasons, but it changed the content as well.

When Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 began, the coronavirus had just hit the U.S. Doctors like Meredith Grey got sick, and others had to hold down the hospital as the situation grew dire. And with less than two months of episodes left to air, it’s hard to imagine they’ll be able to move beyond the pandemic before the finale.

Krista Vernoff said it could be the last one

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There’s another reason this season is different from past seasons. In 2019, star Ellen Pompeo signed a contract for two more seasons through Grey’s Anatomy Season 17. Now that that benchmark is approaching, she’s back in negotiation deals, as are other actors.

“I’m planning a season and a finale that could function as either a season finale or a series finale,” showrunner Krista Vernoff told The Hollywood Reporter in March 2021. “I’m planning for both contingencies.” She added, “There will be closure or I will build something in that allows me to have a bit of a cliffhanger and a thread for next season.”

Luddington on the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 17 finale script 

Like some of her fellow castmates, Luddington occasionally answers fan questions on Twitter. When asked about filming, she replied, “The only [episode] we all haven’t read yet is…. the finale,” She added a few emoji faces and the hashtag “#nocluewhatshappening.”

The actor said something similar when speaking with Stylecaster. “It’s not usually this secretive, but this whole season has been very secretive,” Luddington told the publication. “Usually we have some idea of [what’s going to happen in] our finale, but none of us know. It’s a big secret.”