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  • The preview for Grey’s Anatomy Season 18’s finale teases a “Japril” appearance.
  • Season 18’s last two episodes will have high stakes for Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.
  • The preview reminds us that Meredith Grey’s future is up in the air.
The doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, who could be impacted by the choices teased in the preview for the 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 18 finale. They're standing around a desk wearing white lab coats.
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 18 | Liliane Lathan/ABC via Getty Images

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 is approaching its two-part finale, and the preview suggests it will bring back a fan-favorite couple before it’s through. Of course, the pair will be thrust into the high-stakes drama currently unfolding at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. It looks like the fate of the hospital’s residency program will be up in the air during the next two episodes. And Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) will have to make choices about her personal future as well.

The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 18 finale will bring back ‘Japril’

ABC’s preview for the two-episode Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 finale brings Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and April Kepner (Sarah Drew) back into the picture. The pair left Seattle together back in Grey’s Anatomy Season 17, moving to Boston with Harriet and Matthew. It’s unclear if the pair rekindled their romance from there, but the preview for “Out for Blood” and “You Are the Blood” suggests fans will get the chance to catch up with them after their absence.

Of course, the duo may not do much chatting, as they’ll be wrapped up in the drama unfolding at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The institution’s residency program hangs in the balance heading into the season 18 finale, and things look worrisome in the preview.

Can the characters save the training program they hold so dear? For all of their sakes — and ours — we hope so.

The preview for the finale shows Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in trouble

The preview for the Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 finale teases the return of “Japril,” but that’s where the positivity ends. The first look at “Out for Blood” and “You Are the Blood” also shows the doctors at Grey Sloan fighting for their residency program. It’s likely that Jackson and April have come back to aid in that endeavor. But from the looks of it, things aren’t going in their favor.

Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) wonders aloud if they’re being “shut down.” And the entire mood of the preview seems grim, with everyone holding their breath for a decision.

That’s not all that has the doctors at Grey Sloan on edge, either. The end of the promotional footage sees Jackson confronting Meredith about her future — and they may not agree about what’s best.

Will Meredith Grey stick around beyond ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 18?


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In addition to teasing returning characters and high stakes, the preview for Grey’s Anatomy Season 18’s finale shows Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) making a huge decision about her career. Meredith will need to decide if she wants to continue working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and it looks like she’s seriously considering leaving Seattle.

Jackson doesn’t appear thrilled with her choice, and he makes that known in the promotional footage. Will he convince her to stick around? With Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 already confirmed, it’s hard to see things going any other way.

The Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 finale airs on ABC on May 26 at 8 p.m. EST. Watch the preview for the coming chapters on TVPromos’ YouTube.