‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 19: Ellen Pompeo Promoted to Executive Producer — What That Means For Meredith

ABC renewed Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 on January 10, 2022, and signed a contract with Ellen Pompeo that makes her an executive producer. The other two remaining original cast members — James Pickens Jr. and Chandra Wilson — inked multi-year deals in 2021. It’s a win-win. The long-running medical drama continues on ABC, and Ellen Pompeo gets another promotion. 

'Grey's Anatomy' star Ellen Pompeo walking through a room of dead bodies
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returns for season 19 with Ellen Pompeo as Executive Producer

ABC gave Grey’s Anatomy fans exciting news on Jan. 10, but many viewers believe Ellen Pompeo isn’t happy about the season 19 renewal. The 52-year-old actor and producer voiced her desire to leave the medical drama numerous times in recent years. The new contract is only for one year to continue as Meredith Grey. Executive producer Krista Vernoff continues as showrunner alongside Pompeo, who also becomes an executive producer with the new contract. 

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In Grey’s Anatomy Season 18, Ellen Pompeo was a co-executive producer. However, for the new season, she becomes one of the highest-level producers on the show. The title of executive producer is reserved for those in charge of supervising the series. Her title does not mean that viewers will see any less of Meredith Grey than in previous seasons.

How much does Ellen Pompeo make per episode?

The press release revealing that ABC renewed Grey’s Anatomy for season 19 and cut a new deal with Pompeo did not reveal her new salary. However, according to a Showbiz Cheat Sheet report from Feb. 18, 2021, she makes over $20 million each year. At that time, Ellen Pompeo made $575,000 for each episode of Grey’s Anatomy. She also receives a salary for executive producing the medical drama and the spinoff series, Station 19

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How old was Ellen Pompeo in season 1 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

Another question that many viewers want to know going into season 19 is how old was Pompeo when she began acting in Grey’s Anatomy Season 1? The star’s birthday is Nov. 10, 1969, and the premiere date of the pilot was March 27, 2005. Pompeo was 35-years-old during the first season of Grey’s Anatomy in 2005.

Is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 19 the last season?

The ABC press release did not indicate that Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 is the final season. However, it could become the last season. The executive producers and showrunner Krista Vernoff generally begin talks about how the season will end in January. Look for an update in January 2023 regarding whether Vernoff begins writing the series finale to Grey’s Anatomy. In the meantime, there’s another season of drama to look forward to.

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The fan comments about the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 19 renewal are epic

After hearing Pompeo tell various news outlets that she thinks about leaving the show and doesn’t want to “stay on the show forever,” fans had a lot to say about her return to Grey’s Anatomy for season 19. 

“The year is 2300,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Planet Earth has long been destroyed. A faint whisper is heard in the vast abyss of space. Pick me, choose me, love me. Meredith Grey is still alive.”

The jokes about Meredith Grey and Ellen Pompeo never leaving the series went on for days. However, many fans loved the entertainment the announcement brought. 

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC immediately following the spinoff Station 19.

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