‘Grey’s Anatomy’: The Similarities Between McWidow and Riggs Will Make You Want to Re-Watch Every Season Since McDreamy Died

It’s no lie that our hearts have been broken for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) since McDreamy’s (Patrick Dempsey) tragic death in season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy. However, the show wouldn’t be the same drama if Meredith didn’t somehow try to get back in the dating scene

The latest potential love interest for Meredith has fans wondering if the producers are purposely copying old episodes. Let’s take a look at the similarities between McWidow (Shameless‘ Richard Flood) and Riggs (Martin Henderson) to see if the writers just reused old material. Warning: Season 16 Spoilers

Giacomo Gianniotti and Richard Flood
Giacomo Gianniotti and Richard Flood | Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

Who is this McWidow character that fans cannot stop talking about?

The character that is lovingly referred to as ‘McWidow’ is Dr. Cormac Hayes. He is the new chief of pediatric surgery at Grey-Sloan Hospital. We first meet him during the fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy

However, we did not know until the last few minutes of the episode that he was sent to the hospital by Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) as a package for Meredith. Although Cristina left the show in season 10, she and Meredith continually talk and remain ‘twisted sisters.’

Hayes and Meredith do not exactly hit it off. The new peds surgeon fights with Meredith about everything the entire day. However, in the last few minutes of the episode, fans are handed an exquisite twist. We find out during an elevator scene that the sexy new doctor with an attractive Irish accent is also a widow.

This new revelation changes everything. We knew that extensive arguing was sexy back and forth banter. Fans sensed the sparks were flying between these two, and the fact that Hayes is a widow, too, is the icing on the cake.

Why does McWidow remind fans of Meredith’s relationship with Nathan Riggs?

Viewers began an entire discussion about Riggs versus McWidow shortly after the fall finale. Riggs was from New Zealand, so he also had a sexy accent that drove fans wild. 

In the middle of season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy, Riggs came to Grey-Sloan as a new cardio attending surgeon. Meredith and Riggs had the same dysfunctional relationship at their first meeting that Hayes does with Meredith. She disliked both men right away.

We also found out early on that Riggs lost the love of his life, Megan (Abigail Spencer), in what was thought to be a tragic helicopter accident. Of course, both Riggs and McWidow have an encounter with Meredith in an elevator, and we can feel the sexual tension.

“It’s not about the elevator only,” wrote one fan on Reddit. “They both lost their women, both started on a bad note with Grey but potentially can be her love interest, and both have sexy accents. It’s the same energy.”

The similarities between the two love interests are shocking. Fans hope that McWidow lasts longer than Riggs did with Meredith.

Why didn’t Riggs and Meredith work out?

During the season 13 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, Riggs’ fiance, Megan is found. She was the love of his life, and he is completely torn over her return. Riggs and Megan initially have difficulty resuming their relationship because of Meredith.

However, Meredith tells Riggs to go back to Megan because she would do the same if Derek suddenly reappeared in her life. Riggs makes a grand gesture to Megan by bringing her son home from Iraq, and the three move to Los Angeles to start their life together.  

“The complications of Meredith’s emotions, the loss of Derek, and moving on from that still plagues her,” Henderson told Deadline after his character left the show. “And there’s as much ambiguity around all those feelings. The two of them found each other, and that provided good drama.”

In the end, it was the best thing for Meredith at the time to not end up with Riggs. It was too soon after her husband died for her to be in a serious relationship. However, the entrance of McWidow could be the perfect timing fans are hoping for. 

Find out what happens next between McWidow and Meredith when Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC on Jan. 23, 2020.