‘Grey’s Anatomy’: The ‘Underrated Duo’ Fans Still Wish to See More Of

Believe it or not, sixteen years ago this month Grey’s Anatomy made its debut premiere. The show that was created by Shonda Rhimes is currently airing its 17th season.

Over the years, fans and viewers of the critically-acclaimed medical-based drama have closely followed the lives and storylines of Grey’s Anatomy‘s beloved characters. The series is centered around a close group of medical professionals in Seattle who support each other both in and out of surgery.

Take a look back at some of Grey’s Anatomy‘s most unforgettable roles, and which “underrated duo” audiences are hoping to see more of. 

A closer look at the characters and cast of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The cast of Grey's Anatomy
The cast of Grey’s Anatomy | Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

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In so many ways, Ellen Pompeo has become the face of Grey’s Anatomy. Pompeo is the talented actress who plays Meredith Grey, the series’ main character.

Chandra Wilson is another individual who has been on the set since day one. On-screen, fans and viewers of Grey’s Anatomy know and love Wilson as Doctor Miranda Bailey.

However, over the years, there have been plenty of new doctors and characters to join the scenes. Jackson Avery was first introduced to the audience during season 6 and soon became a staple of the show. Jesse Williams is the star who was cast as this character. 

Iconic duos on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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With so many seasons in the books, fans and viewers of Grey’s Anatomy have gotten to see a lot of different dynamics and relationships. From bromances to epic love stories, Grey’s Anatomy has it covered. Starting at the beginning, does it get any more legendary than the friendship between Meredith Grey and Christina Yang? Their trademark dancing it out sessions and twisty dark ways made this duo an instant fan-favorite. Many viewers had a tough time watching Christina’s exit during season 10. 

Another classic friendship that many viewers enjoyed watching was the bond between Mark Sloan and Derek Shepherd. Unfortunately, as it often goes on Grey’s Anatomy, both of these characters faced tragic deaths on the popular series. Before his death, Mark Sloan and Callie Torres were also quite the pair.

Though it never worked out romantically, Mark and Callie always had a close connection with one another and ended up having a child together. Callie’s character left Grey’s Anatomy after season 12, but many fans and viewers of the series would love to see her return as a part of this underappreciated combo. 

Fans and viewers of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ still wish to see more of this duo

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Reddit is the place fans go to discuss matters big and small, and this thread is a perfect example of that. The Grey’s Anatomy conversation began with, “2 georgous women with fantastic hair and a cute friendship that needed more screentime.” Callie and Addison Montgomery are the women the users are referencing throughout the discussion, and it seems clear that they had many fans. 

As one user in the discussion simply put it, “underrated duo!!! love them.” Callie, a talented and beautiful orthopedic surgeon, and Addie, a remarkable OB/GYN, were often seen on screen together chatting and gossiping. Unfortunately, as some of the comments in the Reddit discussion have alluded to, Addie’s time on Grey’s Anatomy was cut short when she began starring in ABC’s Private Practice.

Though it seems unlikely, many fans and viewers still wish to see more of this pair.