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When it comes to television entertainment, Grey’s Anatomy can definitely be considered as one of the top dogs. Shonda Rhimes is the creator of the drama that captures the professional and personal journeys of the close-knit group of medical professionals the show is centered around.

Richard Webber, Jackson Avery, Jo Wilson, and Owen Hunt are just a few of the characters that many of the fans and viewers of Grey’s Anatomy have grown to love over the past decade.

The series is currently airing its 17th season and finding new, creative, and entertaining ways to lead rating charts. The newest season of the popular series has been portraying the show’s adaptation of reality with COVID-19. Viewers and audience members have particularly been enjoying the surprise appearances from Derek Shepherd via the fictional afterlife.

Though it is still unclear what the current season of Grey’s Anatomy has in store for viewers and fans, fans and viewers are likely nervous about any unexpected plot twists. After all, the series is pretty notorious for them.

A recap of some of the most memorable moments on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 

After airing for 17 seasons, it is safe to say there have been more than a few memorable storylines that have crossed television screens. Alex Karev’s complex relationship with Izzie Stephens is just one of them. It is hard to believe that it took the characters so long to finally get their happy ending. There have been many love stories that have ended in heartbreak.

Like in the case of Christina Yang and Preston Burke when she was jilted at the altar on their supposed wedding day. 

It seems like just yesterday that Meredith Grey discovered she had a half-sister, Lexie Grey. On the opposite end of the spectrum, in the sixth season’s finale viewers watched the horrific events that followed when a shooter wreaked havoc on the Seattle hospital. Just two seasons later and the characters were faced with a tragic plane crash that led to the death of Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan.

Unfortunately, Grey’s Anatomy could be considered certified professionals when it comes to tragic goodbyes. 

A look back at some of the most significant deaths to take place on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

ELLEN POMPEO | Raymond Liu/ABC via Getty Images

It is no secret that ABC’s hit medical drama isn’t for the faint of heart. Fans and viewers of Grey’s Anatomy can basically expect heartbreak is always lurking just right around the corner.

Lexie Gray and Mark Sloan are just two of the many adored characters that fans have been forced to say goodbyes to over the years. The unexpected death of Derek Shepherd is another prime example, but this isn’t anything new for the series. It was over a decade ago when audiences and viewers watched George O’Malley’s courageous demise.

Grey’s Anatomy has captured a tremendous amount of tragedy and sadness, but fans and viewers think there was one particular scene that took the cake. 

What death scene do some fans and viewers of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ consider to be the ‘saddest’? 


‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Is Helping Erase the Stigmas Surrounding Therapy and Mental Health

Unfortunately, when it comes to death scenes, fans and viewers of Grey’s Anatomy can choose their pick.

After being on the air for 17 seasons, the show has covered a fair amount of ground, but, to this day, nothing quite compares to the episode the hospital was involved in a shooting. It was in “Death and All His Friends” that Charles Percy was shot and killed. Charles Percy was played by Robert Baker and his character joined the medical crew as the result of a local hospital merger.

Unfortunately, when an upset widower brought a gun into the hospital it led to Percy being shot to death. Though Dr. Bailey was there to comfort him, it still was an incredibly sad scene.

Recently, a Reddit thread highlighted just why this scene could be considered one of the heaviest. One comment simply stated, “the way he was murdered was so cruel and horrific, he definitely did not deserve what he got and it certainly evoked a lot of sympathy from the audience.”

Though his character didn’t last long on Grey’s Anatomy, he definitely still seemed to make a lasting impression on fans and viewers.