‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Weddings Might Be the Most Catastrophic Events on the Show

In Grey’s Anatomy, everyone is always falling in love and getting married. The proposals and wedding ceremonies are hyped in the show but often turn out to be the most disastrous.

The show rarely features regular ceremonies where couples take their vows in a ceremonious and happy environment.  There’s always some kind of drama or medical emergency to add to the special day’s festivities.

Alex Karev and Jo Wilson disastrous wedding


Alex and Jo’s wedding in Season 14 is full of traumatic episodes. The prominent guests, Webber, Jackson, Bailey, and Pierce, attend the wrong event. Once they discover they are in the wrong wedding event, they decide to leave. However, Bailey gets a medical emergency call which she has to attend to immediately.

At the wedding venue, the groom, bride, and the pastor cannot be traced. Alex and Jo are trapped in a shed. The wedding planner eats a shrimp and gets into anaphylactic shock. The medics attending the wedding have to save her.

Alex and Izzie’s sad wedding

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Meredith and Derek allow Izzie (who is ailing in hospital) to plan their wedding. However, Derek discovers that Izzie has a new tumor in her brain and might not recover.

Derek and Meredith decide to allow Alex and Izzie to get married. Izzie is very weak during the wedding, and she struggles to walk down the aisle; George has to support her.

Amelia Shepherd and Owen Hunt’s wedding

Amelia and Owen Hunt, after a period of casual dating, decide to get married. Amelia’s family disapproves of the marriage and decides not to attend the ceremony. Amelia is depressed and sobs in the bathroom.  At the wedding, Amelia runs away with Meredith and Maggie.

At the gas station they buy slushies, and Amelia decides to get married.

Owen is aware of Amelia’s decision to run off but waits for her patiently. Meanwhile, April, who is supposed to be among the bride’s team, goes into labor, and Ben Warren operates on her in Meredith’s kitchen, which is the venue where the wedding is taking place.

April does not attend the wedding as her gown is covered with blood. Callie, who was also a guest at the wedding, does not attend. Meredith describes the wedding as a doomed ceremony due to the wedding’s unfortunate occurrences and the amount of rain that pours on the wedding day.