‘Grey’s Anatomy’: What Would a ‘Satisfying’ End to the Series Look Like?

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the longest-running daytime medical series on TV today. The series has been around for 17 seasons, and fans are starting to speculate that it’s in its last leg.

Although there have been no official reports about the much-loved show finalizing, fans have provided their theories about every possible ending.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has had its fair share of drama

ELLEN POMPEO | Raymond Liu/ABC via Getty Images

Grey’s Anatomy depicts the usual ongoings at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. It provides an almost accurate depiction of what medics go through on a daily. Although real-life medical professionals can relate to some of the events at the hospital, Grey’s Anatomy takes the drama to a whole new level.

To increase the show’s ratings and viewership, Grey’s Anatomy writers go to painful lengths to ensure that the residents at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital have something that always keeps them busy. Meredith, the show’s main protagonist, has lived a dramatic life since the show began.

From an abusive relationship with her mother to occasionally losing loved ones,Meredith can’t seem to catch a breath. She was recently diagnosed with the novel Coronavirus, and fans can’t help but feel sorry for her. Taking a close look at the occurrences at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, it seems as though the staff is always busy dealing with one thing after another every week.

Some fans are ready for the show to wrap up

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Grey’s Anatomy recently aired its new season. While the show’s loyal fans couldn’t wait to tweet about their predictions of how the season would unfold, others think it’s time the show ended. Many users felt that the show had gone on for so long. Others agreed that the show should have wrapped up by the 10th season.

On the other hand, some fans don’t want the show to wrap up. Many users tweeted their support for the show’s continuation, saying that it provides them with a much-needed break from the events happening in the world (the Coronavirus pandemic).

Although some fans are ready to say goodbye to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital residents, the showrunners haven’t confirmed the series’ end. The show’s creator Shonda Rhimes was quoted saying that the show would end when Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith, got tired of it.

Rhimes said that the show began with the actress and would wrap up if Pompeo didn’t feel inspired to play the character anymore. Pompeo said that she wasn’t planning on staying on the show for an eternity and would “dip out” at any time.

However, she recently extended her contract to play Meredith for another two seasons meaning that the show is likely to go on.

Views have been giving their predictions on what the show’s satisfying end would look like

Grey’s Anatomy has been around since 2005 and has managed to retain its large viewership since then. Many characters have left the show either after they were killed off or went on to work elsewhere. The show has recently experienced an unusual number of exits, which has led fans to believe that the writers might rush the show’s finale.

According to a Reddit thread, fans feel the writers might ruin the show’s ending by giving a “sloppy ending”. Meredith’s COVID-19 diagnosis saw her spend most of the first few episodes of the new seasons in a coma leading to the internet-breaking reunion with Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey).

Although fans feel like the showrunners might have a hard time landing a satisfying ending, some feel this season would provide the best opportunity to wrap things up. One fan said, “if this is the last season, I think it will be good. Of course, Meredith has to recover from COVID and then end in another way next May. If they drag it out another several years, then it will be so bad. We don’t need a third round of recycling.”