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Tom Koracick, a role played by Gregory Germann, did not relate well to Grey’s Anatomy‘s characters.

Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.), and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) did not give him an easy time. While fans may think that their hate for Tom is valid, one fan points out a petty reason that the fandom should discuss.

Who is Tom on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

GREG GERMANN | Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Tom, an attending surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, was initially Amelia’s mentor. Tom exudes an interesting and fun character. In fact, he is the most fun surgeon you can ever see, as he plays music while performing medical operations.

Speaking on Entertainment Tonight, Elisabeth R Finch, a Grey’s Anatomy co-executive producer, describes Tom’s character as ‘unpredictable and unexpected.’ However, on the flip side, Tom exudes a lot of arrogance, which may have contributed to some of his bad relationships.

One instance of him showing his ego is when he went to brag to Teddy after pulling off Catherine Avery’s (Debbie Allen) surgery. Despite his arrogance, he can prove to help people in times of need. In one instance, he told Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) that he tried to form better relationships with people, but they did not like him.

Tom’s relationships on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Tom did not form the best relationships in Grey’s Anatomy. He does not seem to settle in any serious relationship, and the only relationship that showed some serious prospect was one with Teddy.

To start with, he mentored Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone). In the show, we saw Amelia request Tom’s help to perform a surgery, but Tom did not have to do anything as Amelia successfully did it. After the surgery, they have casual sex, and that was about it.

Tom had a healthy relationship with Catherine, and there were flirting with each other. However, this, too, did not develop into anything meaningful. Catherine approached Tom to help her with her tumor. Tom devoted his time and spent a lot of hours operating on Catherine.

Tom had yet another casual relationship with April Kepner (Sarah Drew), whereby they had a one-night stand. After the one-night stand, Tom took a step to help April overcome her struggle with her faith before growing close with Teddy.

Tom’s confrontations with some characters

While he did find some love from the women, the men disliked him. He was in constant confrontations with the men. At Catherine’s party, Owen and Tom have a confrontation concerning Teddy.

In another instance, Jackson and Tom disagreed on a pro-Bono medical case, which Tom wanted to record and use for promotion. In another instance, Richard was angry when Tom told him that Catherine had secured her job at Grey Sloan Hospital. 

A fan explains why Tom was hated


‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Tom Is ‘Underappreciated’ and Fans Are Begging That He Stays

A fan on Reddit offered an alternative reason apart from the fact that he is proud. The fan points out that Jackson, Richard, and Owen are “possessive and territorial.” 

The fan says that all the hate stems out from jealousy.

He points out that Tom and Catherine’s relationship makes Richard feel out of place. The fan also points out that Owen and Jackson hate Tom because Tom was there for the people they love in times of trouble when they couldn’t be found.

Every fan has an opinion, and it is up to you to judge what explanation appeals to you. Whatever the opinion is, it does not change the fact that Tom’s drama makes the show more interesting.