‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Why Some Fans Still Love Meredith and Derek’s ‘Toxic’ Romance

There are few television shows that can compete with the popularity and fan base of Grey’s Anatomy. ABC’s medical-based drama first aired in 2005.

Flash forward to today and the series is currently airing its 17th season. The award-winning show has covered a lot over the years. Grey’s Anatomy revolves around a tightly bound group of medical professionals in Seattle.

Miranda Bailey, Richard Webber, Owen Hunt, and Jackson Avery are some of the doctors the viewers have gotten to know and love. Meredith Grey, the show’s main character, is played by Ellen Pompeo. Throughout the seasons, Meredith’s storylines on Grey’s Anatomy have been nothing short of compelling. Meredith is well-known for her badass skills as a surgeon, but also for her complicated love life.

Take a closer look at Meredith’s character and why so many fans and viewers of Grey’s Anatomy still think her relationship with Derek was toxic. 

Meredith Grey’s character on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo
Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo | Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images via Getty Images)

From the moment Meredith Grey’s character is introduced on the show it is hard not to immediately start rooting for her. Her “dark and twisty” ways immediately led her to forming one of television’s favorite friendships of all times with Christina Yang.

In the first few seasons many of Meredith’s storylines explored her complicated relationship with her mother, her passion for surgery, and, of course, the highs and lows that come with falling in love. Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey’s connection seemed undeniable from the get, but, as it often goes, it took the pair some time to get it right.

After famously getting married on a post-it in season five, the couple went on to adopt and have children of their own.

However, as fans know all too well, on Grey’s Anatomy tragedy, death, and heartbreaking-drama go hand-in-hand on this show. In season 11 Derek Shepherd died unexpectedly after a car accident. 

Meredith Grey’s past relationships on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 

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If ever there was a loop to throw someone for on Grey’s Anatomy it was probably Derek Shepherd’s death. So much of Grey’s Anatomy‘s fan base was shocked and devastated at the tragic development. Meredith’s characters struggled to accept the new reality and went on a hiatus before returning back to her old life.

When the ambitious and talented surgeon eventually returned she slowly but surely began to dip her toes back into the dating pool. Doctor Will Thorpe was one of the first doctors she saw romantically after Derek’s departure. Nathan Riggs and Andrew DeLuca were two guys who would eventually follow.

More recently, it seems like there is potential hope for a future between Meredith and Doctor Cormac Hayes, but Meredith’s COVID-19 diagnosis has obviously put a bit of halt on her love life. Many fans and viewers are interested to see what the future has in store for Meredith, but there is one past relationship of Meredith’s past that some still can’t let go of, and not for good reasons. 

Some fans and viewers of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ still think Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd’s relationship was toxic

Most people couldn’t get enough of Meredith’s brief reunion with Derek on the beach this past season. As fans and viewers of Grey’s Anatomy already know, the highly-talked about scenes were a reflection of Meredith’s subconscious as she continued to battle COVID-19.

Many people joked that Derek’s return to the series broke the internet, but not all Grey’s Anatomy fans may have been happy to see him. 

Believe it or not, there are Grey’s Anatomy fans who believe Meredith’s relationship with Derek was actually pretty toxic. This Reddit thread portrays some of the negative perspectives fans shared when it came to this particular relationship. As one fan simply put it, “i hate merder lol”. However, as it often goes, there were some fans defending more complex stances. 

Even when fans agreed that their relationship was toxic, they still didn’t always see eye-to-eye when it came to the journey and outcome.

Another comment in the discussion read, “Merder is my all time otp couple. I know Derek was toxic and everything but they loved each other so much. They both had faults but could overcome it in the end and I admired that.” Despite Derek’s death, the surprisingly controversial views and conversations surrounding him live on.