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Many of Grey’s Anatomy‘s fans refuse to watch the spin off, Station 19, so we have you covered with a recap. We’ll catch you up on everything that happened with your Grey’s Anatomy characters over on Station 19 tonight. The major event involves a proposal by Ben Warren that will spawn many more crossovers between the two television shows.

Debbie Allen, Jessie Williams and Barrett Doss
Debbie Allen, Jessie Williams and Barrett Doss| Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

Before the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ dinner party, Vic works on bringing a buffer along

Vic (Barrett Doss) tries to set up Maggie Pierce (Kelley McCreary) with one of the firefighters at Station 19 — Dean Miller (Okieriete Onaodowan). He refuses to come to the party as her buffer.

“Keep your weird family date dinner thing to yourself,” Miller tells her.

Vic doesn’t give up. Miller suggests they are going to look down on her because she’s a firefighter, and they are surgeons. This little comment gets her all worked up.

Jackson Avery (Jessie Williams) makes an appearance as well to bring Vic her dress. That’s when his girlfriend starts panicking that Avery’s mother (Debbie Allen) is going to hate her. Vic’s stressing about seeing Maggie and the whole dinner party.

Luckily, Jackson makes her feel better and calms her down. Things start looking up when Miller tells her that he will join her on the most awkward triple date ever. That is how we end up with both Vic and Miller from Station 19 over on Grey’s Anatomy tonight.

Even Tom Koracick makes an appearance on ‘Station 19’

Battalion Chief Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) heads over to Grey-Sloan Memorial hospital to talk to Dr. Tom Koracick (Greg Germann) about the chronic pain in his legs. The surgeon suggests an operation —apparently again — and gets the fire chief into imaging for his condition.

Koracick tells him that the scans and the diagnosis have not changed from the last time the chief was in to seem him. He needs to cut into his leg to fix the nerves that are causing him pain. However, the chief does not want the station to know. He’s trying to hide his condition so that he doesn’t get stuck behind a desk.

Koracick tells Sullivan that he’s only writing him one more prescription for pain meds because he doesn’t want to see him addicted. We know this is not the end of this storyline.

It’s only a matter of time before the situation gets worse, and we get another crossover of Chief Sullivan over at Grey’s Anatomy. At least now you will know why he’s there.

Ben’s story line ropes in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Ben Warren (Jason George) tries to have a heart to heart with the new captain. He proposes a physician response team in the field since one of the lead causes of death is patients not getting surgery in time. The captain rejects his proposal over a game of ping pong.

Then, the first case of the day involves a father-of-the-bride who has a blunt force trauma to the chest from an explosion. The firefighters cannot get a clear path to his airways, so they immediately call Warren. The doctor turned firefighter quickly gets him oxygen. He begins to code, so Warren pushes epinephrine.

The ambulance hits traffic on the way to the hospital, while Warren insists that the dad needs surgery immediately. The patient codes again, and the firefighter begins CPR. They never make it to the hospital in time. Consequently, the patient dies en route. Warren runs straight to the captain to reinforce his response team idea.

“I lost a patient today,” he tells the captain. “He didn’t have to die. I could have saved him if I had the necessary tools. I am not accepting a ‘no.’ You will be the only fire chief in the country with a physician response team.”

The captain still does not like the idea until Warren paints the picture of Station 19 having the only Physician Response Team in the country. The firefighter also promises to rope in Grey-Sloan Hospital for half of the money, and the doctors needed to staff the team.

It sounds like the crossovers between the two shows will never end. You can watch Station 19 Thursdays at 8 pm ET before Grey’s Anatomy airs at 9 pm ET on ABC. You could also look for the quick recap again next week if you would rather not watch Station 19.

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